Thursday, May 26, 2011

(True life stuff) As I type this message...

I am sitting in a hospital room with my Missus waiting for her to be admitted and placed in a bed. I won't go into details but she is alive and well but there are concerns to be addressed and tests to be run.

She's sleeping now and as I sit here watching her rest I can't help but think that after almost twenty years she still means the world to be. I grew up thinking that every relationship turns sour in the end, that every happy couple either ends up divorced or hating each other.

But that never happened, somehow we are still chugging along. Oh there have been bumps in the road, Hell there have been some fucking ravines in that road but we've ridden them out.

Of course now that leaves me here, scared and watching my wife sleep and smiling to myself because between work, our daughter and other disasters this little hospital trip has been like a date night for us. We've laughed and talked just like we used to when we weren't folding laundry and dodging creditors. Of course she's a little scared, we both are. My daughter will probably need some sedation of her own after I pick her up from her grandmas.

The nurse is coming to give her an IV in a few minutes and I will soon find myself back on this roller coaster of worry and boredom.

Well that's it, thanks for sharing this quiet moment with me dear readers, I'm off to a different waiting room where I'll try not to wonder how I'm going to pay for all this and worse yet, how much damage the dogs and cat will have done to the house in our absence.


  1. I've spent way too many days in the hospital last month (with a family member) in the ICU so I know how frustrating, scary and unnerving it can all be. Fingers are crossed over here for ya...

  2. Sending positive vibes your way. Sure everything will work out fine - keep strong and best wishes to your wife for a speedy recovery!