Friday, March 30, 2012

(Recommended Reads) 'Uncovering The Well' by EdmundVaughn


When my mother was younger, she worked for a non-profit agency that provided services to low income people in a very rural part of Kentucky. This was back in the mid-seventies, and even then there were still many people in Kentucky who lived on family farms without electricity, running water or other utilities (and it is still like this, unfortunately, in many rural parts of the state).

My mother's job was to travel around a two county area checking up on people and trying to help them if they needed it. Most of the people she dealt with were elderly. It was a time when more and more young people were leaving either for college, or for work in larger urban areas (Lexington, Richmond, or even Cincinnati), leaving the older people alone in these rotting shacks without most things we consider basic...


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(Recommended Reads) '99 Brief Scenes From The End Of The World' by theworldisgrim


A phone, ringing in the dark. Bllllllrrrrrrring.

The man sat up and reached for the nagging sound on the small table beside him, found the handset. He coughed a smoker's cough and said, "Yeah? Hello?".

The voice on the other end was quivering with contained excitement. It went on for some time, and the man listened to it raptly in the dark, not interrupting. Just ... absorbing. The enormity of it all. The enormity...

"I'll come right away. Right now." He didn't bother hanging up the phone, just tossed it aside into the blackness to his right as he slid out of the bed. His mind was awake and alert and surging like a stallion at the reins. His body prickled in gooseflesh.

This was it. This was what they had all been waiting for; none of them ever believing that it would ever happen within their careers or lifetimes, really, but always hoping and dreaming and planning for it. This was it, and nothing was ever going to be the same again...


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And now the MST3k gang and the many names of David Ryder

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THE LOVECRAFT eZine whets my appetite for ABSENTIA!


I recently posted about new and upcoming Lovecraftian-themed movies (oh, and don't waste your time or money on Melancholia, by the way). So, speaking of that, I just finished watching Absentia. I was blown away. It's safe to say that I am constantly disappointed by horror movies these days. Most movies cost millions to produce, and they're crap. In fact, most low budget direct-to-DVD movies are crap. Film-makers confuse horror with gore so much that it's becoming a cliche to say so. But it's still true...