Friday, December 24, 2010

(Recommended Reads) DEADISH by Naomi Kramer


“LOOK,” I said, cutting across yet another plea, “You’re dead. You need to accept that.”

“But -”

“No. Stop pretending to be alive. It’s stupid. It’s creepy. Now GO. THE. HELL. AWAY.”

She crossed her arms and stared at me.


I rolled my eyes. Women! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t escape even by killing ‘em...


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(Recommended Reads) WINTER'S BRIDE by Icy Sedgwick

Marianne huddles in the corner. Only her hands and nose are visible beneath the heap of moth-eaten blankets in which she swathes herself. The December chill seeps through the old fabric, sinking into her bones. A stub remains of her last candle, and she holds her hands either side of the flickering flame, anxious for warmth...


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(Recommended Reads) THE MANY PATHS by Leila

I'm a drifter, a squatter. I have no life of my own. I hear it happens sometimes; a soul gets displaced, and is able to wander about between realities to see every possible life he or she could have had. If it sounds glamorous, I can tell you that it's most certainly not. You never feel... comfortable, in a life. Or maybe it's just me, because I found love and searched through so many lives to find my happy ending. I'm still searching...


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(Insane News) Drunk Driver Caught With 15 Sheep In His Car

East London - A drunk motorist was arrested near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape after allegedly being found to be 32 times over the alcohol limit, the department of transport said on Thursday... Five boys and a woman, who were also in the vehicle with 15 sheep allegedly stolen from nearby farms, were also arrested.


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

GEEKS OF DOOM brings us an animated adaption of Neil Gaiman's 'Nicholas Was...'

Today we have for you a brief but very cool little video from the talented folks over at 39 Degrees North, a motion graphics studio from Beijing. The short is a video Christmas card adaptation of the Neil Gaiman poem, Nicholas Was…, and it mixes his dark words with equally dark yet truly beautiful animations...