Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few Quick Notes

Hi there faithful readers and bemused web-wanderers. Part 7 of Price Breaks and Heart Breaks is written, I just have to proofread it.

Yes I know it may be hard to believe but I do actually proofread these things.

I just wanted to note a few other things...

My main webpage is out of commission for now; sadly Christmas, utility bills and the occasional traffic violation have left us with a very cash-free January. My being out of work for almost an entire month didn't help much either. I know a lot of folks out there like the page for the infamous role playing game stories that are found there (the stick of pain, Blobert Smith, etc). I have a spare version of the webpage at for those of you looking for said stories or perhaps some of my longer works. When the main page is back up and working I will let you all know.

My novel In The Midnight Of His Heart is still out there for anyone in the mood for a novel of horror and obsession. Order it today... or tomorrow... or something...

I am sure most of the Doctor Who fans out there know that we have a new actor playing the Doctor for 2010. His name is Matt Smith and here is an interview with him I found on YouTube.

The choice of this actor, the youngest actor to play the role has caused a lot of fans to take notice. Some are excited, some are taking a wait and see attitude and some reacted like this.

In other news I am getting my next blog-related project ready, this will be a dark fantasy story instead of the humor. It will be called In the Shadow of His Nemesis, unless of course I come to my senses and give it a sensible title. I can only hope that you readers out there will be as interested in a weird tale as you are in stories of my deteriorating health and sanity.

Thanks again for reading!