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THE NICK OF TIME (and other abrasions): Where The Streets Have No Name

The Nick of Time
(and other abrasions)
Where The Streets Have No Name

(an excerpt for In The Shadow Of His Nemesis)

Al Bruno III

She wore a peasant blouse and a loose fitting skirt. Her hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. There were tiny bells on the silver anklet she wore; they jingled wildly as she ran for her life.

The streets she ran down were empty and unnamed, the buildings and storefronts were vacant. The dust and grime of years covered everything. It caught in her nose and clung to the bottoms of her sandal-clad feet.

Her heart pounded in her chest, her breaths were gasps. She could hear the sound of her pursuers but she wouldn’t dare look back, if she looked back she knew all would be lost.

Benjamin Zachary! she thought. Where the Hell are you?

There was an intersection up ahead- left, right or straight ahead. Where was he? Which way was she supposed to go?

Not that it mattered here in the town of Devsham where every road looped back onto itself again. If I die here… She wondered to herself, If I die in a place that doesn’t exist in maps or memories- will my fravashi find me?

In that moment of fear she almost looked back but stopped herself, wasn’t hearing the mewling buzz of their voices enough? Did she really need to see those dead, segmented eyes a second time?

She cursed herself for agreeing with Benjamin’s plan. Sure split up the party, what could possibly go wrong in an empty town?

Then her sandal caught on the sidewalk and she fell hitting the ground with a gasp and a curse.

“Rio! This way!”

A man called to her to her from a nearby alleyway, jumping up and down and waving his arms. He was short with eyes and hair that were equal parts dark and wild. He wore a thick mustache and a small earring.

“Come on!” Benjamin Zachary urged her, he wore faded jeans and a collared shirt with a tweed blazer “Get up! Hurry.”

But he didn’t come to her rescue; he had long ago warned that her life was expendable to the Cause- his was not. Pushing herself to her feet Rio blundered across the street and into his arms.

“There we go,” he said. “I knew you’d make it. Now let’s get off the street shall we?”

Her pursuers were getting closer, each of them breaking into a run He dragged her into a nearby building and let her slide to the floor while he erected a barricade. It looked like they were in an office of some sort, Rio watched him stack chairs and wondered what kind of work would have been done here- what the Monarchs would possibly need file cabinets and telephones for?

Rubbing her ankle she gave Benjamin a worried glance, “Where were you?”

“I was fine. You’re the one that keeps getting in trouble.”

Rio winced, “That’s not fair.”

“I’m not the one that activated the automated defenses. Luckily I anticipated your mistakes.”

The pounding on the door began; if she closed her eyes she could imagine the legion of tarsal claws striking it. “What do we do now?”

He gave her a wicked grin, “Exploration with a side order of sabotage.”

“We’re gonna get killed,” she said, “or worse.”

“Not me.”

There was a large cracking sound, the turned back to see a blunt beak working its way through the wood of the door, a keening whistle filled the air as a handful of proboscis slithered out testing the air. Benjamin Zachary stared at it in dull confusion, “That’s new.”

“We have to get out of here.”

“Oh yes,” He took her by the hand and led her deeper into the building. “Come along now.”

“Where are we going?”


“Do you know where we’re going?”

“I know what I’m doing,” he said.

Several breathless flights of stairs later Rio let herself be dragged into a wide, vault-like room that smelled of chemicals and brine. Pale lights flickered in as they entered, revealing pale pale floors with silver trim. Covered troughs lined the walls.

Benjamin walked over to one of the troughs; it was three feet deep and set into the wall at waist height. A thick layer of frosted glass covered it. A metal clasp held the lid locked in place. He smiled grimly, “Now are these to keep people out or the contents in?”

“What’s in them?” Rio asked.

“Nothing yet. I’m here early,” Benjamin rapped a knuckle on the wall beside them producing a thick, yet hollow sound.

Rio saw that the entire wall was made from a thick glass-like material but all she could see through it was darkness. Were they underground and was this was some window into the Earth?

Once she pressed her face against the glass and cupped her hands over her eyes she saw there was a room on the other side of this glass, it looked huge and bottomless.

Benjamin led her away, “Quite the nursery isn’t it?”

“What are we doing here?”

“Furthering the Cause at best,” he made a show of waving his empty hands in front of her face, a swish of the fingers and suddenly he was holding a handful of gems- white rubies. “Thumbing our noses at the future at worst.”

“An incantation?” Rio asked, “Here?”

“You thought we were sightseeing?” Benjamin held the largest of the rubies between his thumb and forefinger and sat cross-legged on the floor, “Now go wait by the door, I have to concentrate.”

Rio bristled, how could he be so dismissive of her? Always treating her like she was stupid during the day and then coming to her bed at night with guilty eyes and quiet promises.

Of course none of those promises were for the future.

There was a muffled bang followed by a chorus of insectile screeches.

Benjamin Zachary looked up from staring into the heart of the gemstone, “That will be Zeth now…”

Brendan Tobin brings us the BATTLE THAT HAD TO HAPPEN!!!

What? What? WHAT? Sophia Myles to return to DOCTOR WHO?



...Another rumour has emerged from the Daily Star today, reporting that Sophia Myles, known widely for playing the role of Madame de Pompadour in The Girl in the Fireplace could make a return as possibly the next companion.


Steven Moffat made a tweet earlier in the week, encouraging people who follow the actress on Twitter. He wrote, "Right EVERYBODY who follows me, go and follow @Sophia Myles - spin that fireplace. NOW."


He adds quickly with, "I'll explain later. Or not."


It does seem like teasing at first, but it sounds plausible. And it's made even more credible when Myles responds with small hints of her return with, "Watch this (fire)place. The plot thickens..." 

And now the kitten from HELL...



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America may finally get the government it deserves!

Who the Hell is Tracy Beaker? (Also Matt Smith must play the Doctor for the next fifty years plus forever.)



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The trailer for MOONRISE KINGDOM is pure Wes Anderson

Another trailer found on TWITCH


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This trailer will make you realize there are worse things than taking an arrow to the knee!

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Skate Rinks

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Skate Rinks

(An excerpt from Price Breaks And Heartaches)


Al Bruno III

"Howdy stranger!” a voice called from across the parking lot of Guptill’s Arena.

Guptill’s Arena was more than one of the largest roller skating rinks on the East coast, it also had an arcade and a dance floor. It was the go to place for high school Junior and Senior girls looking for a good time. It was also the go to place for college Freshman and Sophomore guys trolling for high school girls.

I got out of my car and saw my almost-normal friends Marvin, Corey and Kevin waiting for me near the entrance. Marvin the pseudo-biker, quiet brooding Corey and the eternally rumpled Kevin.

“Al!” Corey started yelling my name and waving his arms, “Hey Al!”

I waved as casually as I could. I wondered Don’t they realize they’re making a Goddamn spectacle of themselves?

“Woo hoo!” Kevin’s voice was an uneasy falsetto, “Woo hoo!”

Still though I was sharply dressed, and clean shaven. Why should I worry what other people might think about the company I kept? And for all I knew it might work out in my favor, I liked to think that compared to them I looked suave and debonair.

A piercing siren began to howl turning every head my way, I turned back to my car and started frantically trying to turn off the anti-theft alarm. The damn thing always seemed to go off when it was raining.


The dance club part of Guptill’s Arena was called Secrets, most likely in honor of all the hooking up going on that technically qualified as Statutory Rape. You had to walk past the roller rink and through the snack bar and take a right at the arcade to reach the dance floor.

“So like I was saying,” Kevin explained, “there’s a good chance I can get an internship in the spring. It will look great on a resume.”

“Oh really,” I nodded, “you’re going to work at a hotel?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Well...” we moved through the snack bar where everything smelled delicious and unhealthy, “I thought you were going to school for hotel management?”

“Duh,” Kevin said, “that was like two majors ago. I’m totally going into mortuary science now.”

There was a bit of a bottleneck as we made our way past the arcade so we had a chance to ‘Oooooo’ and ‘Ahhhh’ at Defender, Robotron, and Pac Man in all their 25 cent glory.

Then we were in Secrets. We tried not to ogle the pert breasts and shapely legs on display but we were too young and desperate not to.

“Hey!” Marvin said, “That one over there gave me the eye.”

Corey frowned, “I think she was rolling her eyes.”

“Gentlemen,” I said, “lets get some drinks.”

Secrets was a nightclub for teens, it only served soda and juice, so I couldn’t really say that what we sidled up to was a bar but we made a good show of it anyway. We got our drinks and scanned the room. I must admit I felt conspicuous, but I always feel conspicuous at bars and parties and police line ups.

My buddies didn’t feel the least bit conspicuous; Marvin was snapping his fingers to what I can only imagine he thought was the beat of the music, Corey was staring contemplatively into his RC Cola and Kevin was picking his nose.

“Well,” Corey said, “what now?”

Kevin examined the tangled snarl of mucus at the end of his finger, “We get some girls to dance with us.”

Two songs and one soda later we were still standing at the bar. I said, “And when is one of us going to do that?”

Corey was still staring into his cola, “This is not my song.”

Another song later and none of us had gotten up the nerve to leave the bar. Finally Marvin said, “Fine I’ll show you boys how it’s done.”

Marvin waded out onto the dance floor alone and started shaking his groove thing towards the nearest cluster of unattached hotties.

Once the hotties saw him coming they started dancing to the other end of the room floor but Marvin was a man on a mission and he cut off their retreat with a well timed split and a moonwalk.

I turned to make a sarcastic comment but I suddenly found myself alone. A cute brunette had taken a shine to Corey and was talking him up. Kevin had wandered back to the arcade and started pumping quarters into the crane machine. Persistence and fifty dollars would win him that California Raisins belt buckle by the end of the night.

Suddenly I was the wallflower but I decided to throw caution to the winds. There was a trio of girls sitting at a table near the back- a brunette, a blonde and a redhead or as we called it in those days ‘The Charlie’s Angels Variety Pack’

Three girls alone at a table with four chairs. I realized I knew just how to make my move.

I sauntered on over and flashed the kind of smile I now reserve for traffic stops and job interviews. “Ladies,” I pointed to the empty chair, “is this seat taken?”

The blonde narrowed her eyes at me, “No.”

“Well, then...” I spun the chair around and straddled it the way I had seen it done in countless movies, “you girls from around here?”

“Actually...” the redhead explained, “the other chairs are free too. We were just leaving.”

And with that the girls got up and left me there alone. I began to blush, I was sure everyone was laughing at me. I couldn’t imagine feeling more humiliated.

But then the brunette came back to the table. “Wait,” she was almost smiling, “aren’t you Phil’s older brother?”


“I think he’s so hot! Would you give him my number?”

“Sure,” I said through gritted teeth, “my pleasure.”

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THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Six part three


Chapter Six

part three


Tuesday November 8, 1994

He snapped awake and kicked his way out of bed. The clock radio read twelve forty-five. He’d tried to fly as far as he could, his only desire to leave it all behind. He’d gotten high enough to see the eastern coastline splayed out below him. If he could have reached the sterile wasteland of the moon he would have, but something stopped him. A sudden recoiling that sent him careening Icarus-like back to Earth.

Monique, even her

No. No. I don’t even know if you really saw anything. It could still all be a dream. Living people don’t go flying around like ghosts. Especially not agnostics!

How can I be sure? How? Am I just going crazy?

Maybe I was crazy all along.

The Cold Inside seemed to curdle around his heart and bleed down into his stomach. It felt worse than the time Adelphos had sucker punched him, worse than his first day back to school after the plea-bargain. He stormed out of his room and started banging on Pam’s door. His psychiatrist was going to have a field day with this but fuck it.

Pam peered out the door of her room, “What the Hell are you doing?”

“Is Monique doing Bobby Hilton?”

“What? It’s like two in the morning!”

Carol Bloom stumbled into the hallway, “What is going on here?”

“Tristam’s acting like a nutcase that’s what’s going on.”

“I need to know. Is she going out with him?” he asked.

Pam sneered “Why do you care? She’s not going out with you, she’s not ever going to go out with you again.”

“She told me she hated his guts and now...”

“What did you expect her to do? Go to the losers table with you?”

“I think you should both go to bed,” Carol said, gently shooing Pam into her room and closing the door. “You can talk it over in the morning. You know the morning? That’s when people are supposed to wake up.”

Tristam blinked back tears, “I’m sorry Mom I just needed to know...”

She put her arm around him and led him back to his room, “To know what?”

“Did Monique really love me or was she just dating me because I’m Pam’s brother?”

“Well, I think she really liked you. She seemed like a nice girl,” Carol spoke softly as she eased her son back down into bed.

“I love her.,” ordinarily he would have refused to let his mother tuck him in, but after the day he’d had today maybe a little tucking in was in order.

“Tristam, you’re sixteen years old you don’t know what love is yet,” she drew the covers up to his chin then ran her hand though his hair.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“I need you to think,” she said, “think about why you did what you did. If you can really talk about that everything will be all right again... someday.

He called after her as she stood to go, “But I don’t know why I did it.”

“Then I don’t know what I can say,” she paused in the doorway, “Goodnight honey.”

“Goodnight Mom.”

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The latest film from the vastly underrated Tobe Hooper has a trailer!


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I am not sure how I feel about it but you might think the trailer for ZOMBIE ASS is a gas...



Can the sequel to the original WICKER MAN truly match the original?

Watch the trailer I found on i09 and ponder...

And before forget -


Does your Lovecraftian carpet match the drapes?


Kirill Rozhkov has made a Lovecraftian carpet series called “Dark Water” for Danish carpet company EGE...

THE VAULT OF HORROR wishes NOSFERATU a happy 90th birthday.


...How is it that this film still can effect us so profoundly, when so much of horror's power is drawn from the unexpected? One would think that age would be the death knell of a great horror movie, and yet films like Nosferatu prove this to be dead wrong. Whether you're discovering it for the first time all these decades later, or watching it for the 90th time, Nosferatu has the power to utterly creep you out. Personally, I credit it to the merits of German Expressionism...

QUESTION: Is this man making a bold statement about his individuality or is he a living tribute to Dario Argento's OPERA?

(Insane News) Des Moines police officer assaulted with toy monkey

Article found via FARK

...Police Officer Andrew Pirtle said in a report that he saw a man carrying two stuffed animals leaving the store about 10:20 p.m. Moments later the officer was flagged down and informed that the man had just made a mess in the store.

Officer Pirtle stopped the man near Southwest Ninth and Loomis Avenue. As they talked, Pirtle noted the man’s mood switched quickly from passive to aggressive. When Pirtle tried to take Phipps into custody, Phipps allegedly swung around and hit the officer in the face with a stuffed monkey.

The officer managed to control the man’s hands and apply handcuffs.

Phipps was in jail on Monday, charged with fifth-degree theft, disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer. Bond was set at $1,600.

A clerk at the store said that when she asked him what he was doing behind the counter, Phipps replied, “Don’t you worry about it. I’m going back to prison anyway.”...

Click here to read the rest at the DES MONIES REGISTER

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DOCTOR WHO NEWS reveals the Sarah Jane that almost was!


...It has always been known that Elisabeth Sladen was not the first choice of actress to play the role of Sarah Jane Smith. For years the identity of the original actress has remained a close secret, known only to members of the production team.

However the production notes on the new DVD release, compiled by David Brunt, has revealed that the actress first selected to play the role was April Walker. Brunt discovered the name on a stray memo from the BBC files, informing the BBC Finance department to pay the actress when each of the eleventh season stories went into studio....

Are the Yeti are coming back to DOCTOR WHO?


According to DoctorWhoSpoilers one of the twoclassic monsters (mentioned by Producer Marcus Wilson in DWM 441) who are returning for the Seventh series of Doctor Who may be the Yeti, formerly seen in The Abominable Snowmen andThe Web of Fear...

Why not visit DR. THEDA'S CRYPT and chat about the sublime vampire film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN?

There's always something interesting going on at the Crypt!

Check out this cool fanvid for the movie he found!

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The Creep On The Borderlands part four

Price Breaks and Heartaches

A journal of retail and failed romance

Chapter Nine

The Creep On The Borderlands

part four

Now before we begin the next part I think I should once again go over something for newer readers and just what is a role-playing game?

So, what is a role playing game, or an RPG as it is sometimes called? Well, do you remember when you were kids and you wouldplaying ‘Cops And Robbers’? Or ‘Cowboys And Indians’? Or ‘Lets Bury The Geeky Kids Up To Their Necks In The Dirt’?

Actually, that last game doesn’t really suit our purposes, just forget about it. I know I’ve been trying to since the third grade.

Where were we? Ah yes, what is a role playing game? As I said before I am sure you remember the games of imaginary adventure you had as a child. Inevitably you and one of your playmates would get into an argument over what had happened. Did the Cop shoot the Robber or did he miss? Can the Indian fire a bow while riding his horse? Do we remember where we buried those third graders?

No wait. Scratch that last one again.

Still though, I am sure you can remember how your pretend adventures were derailed by disagreements about what had happened, over who had won and who had lost.

Role playing games are playing pretend for grown ups. A game master creates an imaginary world and all its supporting cast. The other players take on the role of characters and act out stories within the game master’s world. Think of it as collective storytelling if you will, or perhaps interactive fiction. The important thing to remember is that as adults playing a role playing game we remove the childish element of arguing and crying over who did what. Instead we have page after page of rulebooks to site in our ever more heated arguments over whether or not a half orc can wear elven plate mail.

There are several accessories that go hand and hand with a role playing game; maps drawn on graph paper, painted miniatures and gobs of junk food. The player characters have adventures and gain experience points and treasure. The first of these role playing games was Dungeons & Dragons and that was the one Will and I were heading off to play.


It was late on a Saturday night when we hit the road, I had just gotten out of work . Since Will knew where we were going I drove and he gave me directions. The house we were going to was on the border between the towns of Colonie and Watervliet.

Watervliet, New York had long been supported by the munitions factory in the heart of the town. A whole community had sprung up around the Watervliet Arsenal, but as fortunes dwindled and jobs moved elsewhere, the once bustling neighborhoods had begun to dwindle into decrepitude. The whole place looked like it was in the middle of a going out of business sale.

Will directed me to a dead end street where all the houses had for sale signs in front of them. Only one of those houses had any lights. “Here we are,” he said, “just park anywhere.”

I parked my rusty Monte Carlo under a streetlight and cut the engine. The neighborhood made me a little nervous, it was so empty.

Will bounded out of the car and waved me on towards the modest two story house. The front door was unlocked but Will did some kind of coded knock before walking inside. The lower level of the house was bare, no furniture, rugs or anything. I asked, “Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Of course,” Will led me upstairs where I found furnishings, light and the guys that would end up being my peer group for the next few years.

“Ah Will. Good to see you. And this must be Al. Intriguing hair,” a tall blond man with tragically large ears shook my hand. He wore primarily black and brown.

Will nodded, “Al this is our Dungeon Master Norm.”

“Good to meet you,” I smiled. He wasn’t letting go of my hand and I didn’t know quite what to do, “Really nice.”

Norm looked me over appraisingly, “Al? Short for Albert?”

“Why uh, yes. Did I say it was nice to meet you? You know you’ve got a very strong grip there.”

“Are you of Dutch descent? Russian?”

“Uh no. I’m Polish and Italian,” I looked to Will for help but he was already mingling with the others.

“That’s OK too,” he released my hand.

“I didn’t realize this was an exclusive club,” I joked but Norm had already sat back down and turned his attention to his rulebooks and notes.

Will was talking to a guy with rat-like features and an unnaturally thick mustache. He waved me over, “Al! This is Curtis.”

“Hi,” I said forgoing the handshake for a wave.

He replied by raising his right hand to shoulder level with the palm facing inward, “Tal.”

“Thanks?” Before I could ask what the Hell he meant by that Will dragged me over to the next player.

“Now this is Buddy,” Will said introducing me to a guy busily mixing drinks.

“Welcome to our merry band. What’s your poison?” He looked up at me, he was bearded with glasses, and so very drunk.

“Hi Buddy. I’m Al,” I said, “and I’ll just have a soda.”

“Scotch and soda got it.”

“No. A coke.”

“Rum and Coke?”

“…just soda.”

“Tea-toddler huh?” he said with a smirk.

“I’m driving.” I said.

He waved me off, “Sure. Whatever. Someone’s got to do it I guess.”

“You got cigarette ashes in my soda.”

“You know in Buffalo they call soda ‘pop’,” a twitchy looking kid said to me from the couch. His eyes kept darting around the room like he was expecting a mafia hit. I offered him my hand, “I’m Al. I’m sure you heard.”

“Eddie,” he said.

“I like your Night Ranger t-shirt. They were a good group.”

“Yeah sure,” a confused look crossed his features. He began to dig through his notes, “It was clean.”

I made a show of checking my watch, “Well, look at the time. I should probably…”

“But...” Will said, “...we just got here.”


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