Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Second Fiction Twenty Seven

Vic stumbled from his car and stared up at a sky of alien stars and broken moons. He breathed, "Damn you Mapquest."

5 Second Fiction Twenty Six

Professor Mayhem abandoned super villainy shortly after the night he realized he couldn't find his invisible zeppelin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Bit Of News Courtesy Of THE SMOKING GUN

Crank caller wreaks havoc on Arkansas hotel, duping employees, guests

JUNE 9--A telephone prankster posing as a sprinkler company employee caused havoc Saturday morning at an Arkansas Holiday Inn when he convinced an employee to set off the hotel's fire alarm, smash windows, shut down electricity, and break a sprinkler head that flooded the building lobby. The bizarre incident is detailed in a report prepared by the Conway Police Department, which, as seen below, photographed the aftermath of the June 6 incident. According to police, Holiday Inn employee Christina Bergmann was at the front desk early Saturday when a male caller "identified himself as an employee of Grennel Fire Sprinkler service." The man told Bergmann that there was a problem with the hotel's fire sprinklers and that she "needed to pull the fire alarm to reset them," cops reported. "Bergmann proceeded to pull the fire alarm at this point, causing the audible alarm." Bergmann, aided by a hotel guest, would subsequently follow a series of directions from the caller that would result in about $50,000 in damages to the hotel's windows, carpets and electrical system.

Sheesh and I couldn't even get the motel to find out room reservations when I was right there in person. (It was a Hell of a Honeymoon folks)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are coming in the home stretch... at least as far as Book One is concerned...

And in other news if it seems like my posts are coming a little less often let me apologize in advance... my Dreaded Day Job has suddenly become a lot busier so there is less time for secretly pursuing my creative endeavors.

And sadly that also means I had to decide between regular twittering and forum visiting and this... so if I have spoken to you via twitter or places like and CINEMATIC TITANIC's forums I have not dropped off the face of the Earth.

Well not on purpose anyway.

As always let me know what you think of the new stuff and keep circulating the blog.