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The Elder Poop has a Devil Motorcycle? (And other misheard song lyrics...)

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Apparently PLAYBOY and LeeAnn Vamp cooked up a Vampirella tribute! (SFW)









Are they working on a JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movie?


Standing apart from Justice League and their ilk are several DC characters with at least one foot in the supernatural. There’s Deadman, The Spectre, John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Etrigan, Zatanna, Zatara, arguably Swamp Thing. Well, if this rumour turns out to be true, several of these – if not all of them – could feature in a single upcoming movie. Latino Review say that Guillermo Del Toro is planning something called Heaven Sent* that will draw on DC’s books of magic, as it were, to leverage the library in a slightly more off-centre way than Justice League ever would. There’s little more to the report...


Is the world ready for a film called SHARKNADO? Are you?

From Bleeding Cool



You can tell that The Asylum have reached the proudest moment in their history when the tagline for their new film is simply, “Enough said!” One of their projects being presented at the American Film Market this week is high-concept monster/disaster movie called Sharknado. Based on the artwork below it would seem that the Sharknado is a tornado made of sharks, as opposed to a single shark with the body of a tornado...

Does the red band trailer for HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTER show promise or does it show that we are going to get VAN HELSING II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO?

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Thursday, November 1, 2012


In 1960, American International Picture’s “house” director Roger Corman convinced the notoriously cheap movie studio to pony up a little extra time and money (and color film) to produce Corman’s attempt to capture the lush Gothic atmosphere of a Hammer horror film. Against their thrifty nature, the studio relented, allowing the ambitious and inventive director a staggering fourteen days to make Fall of the House of Usher. The resulting film, a landmark in American horror, is a necessarily narrowly focused affair — there are only four characters — but it’s a fantastic accomplishment. The quick turn-around time and low budget is hardly evident. Every frame is stuffed with decaying Gothic opulence and vibrant color, and the talky nature and slow pace of the film never causes the narrative to drag, thanks almost entirely to the brilliant and tortured performance by Vincent Price. AIP’s risky (for them) investment paid off. The film was a hit, and audiences used to seeing cheap black and white horror were dazzled by this sudden explosion of color and quality. When the dollars started pouring in, AIP gave the go-ahead to Corman for another film in the same vein. And another. And thus was born what’s known as AIP’s Poe Cycle, a series of consistently high-quality horror films based (extremely loosely at times) on the writing of Edgar Allan Poe (and, in one case, H.P. Lovecraft, but they sold it as Poe)...


click here to read the rest at TELEPORT CITY

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello friends and readers.... no Friday story this week...

Sorry folks, but the 26th of October was my 45th Birthday, today is my 19th wedding aniversary and then my wife's birthday is coming up this weekend. Just no time to finish things like I want to for THE NIGHT BLOGGER but don't worry next week will see us back on schedule...


For now though, why not catch up? (and let me know if you find any typos!)





Ray Bradbury's THE JAR

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And now Christopher Walken reads THE RAVEN

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Monday, October 29, 2012

(Recommended Article) Five Awful Horror Movies Everyone Should See

From PDXX Collective


Readers of this blog may recall that in my last post, I listed five great horror movies you’ve probably never seen, and back in September, I wrote an essay extolling the virtues (if you can call them that) of truly bad art. Kait suggested that I combine these topics and list the five worst horror B-movies of all time. That’s a pretty tall order — much harder than listing the five greatest horror movies of all time (controversial though that list might be among horror fans and cinephiles). There are thousands upon thousands of movies bad enough to make the cut, from made-for-TV SyFy Channel specials (I’m looking at you, Mansquito) to half the turkeys lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000. So since compiling that list would be a herculean effort, I instead present to you a sample of five awful horror movies that everyone should see...


click here to read the rest

My friend and collaborator Francis James Hogan new project GAMES 4 TROOPS is worth your time and support... spread the word...


Francis explains the project here;

WHAT IS GAMES 4 TROOPS? A while ago, Mike D from ZP and I were chatting about all the good classic games we have hanging around, and we came upon an idea to send the games to the troops in Afghanistan.Turns out this is easier said than done. After a couple of months it became clear to me that the best way we could help is by auctioning off the games and using the proceeds to get our troops some much needed comfort, especially with the holidays coming up. To that end, Games 4 Troops is offering several auctions on E-BAY. All proceeds will be donated to The Blue Star Mothers' Freedom Box Project. You'll be helping to bring our troops, the Blue Star Mothers' deployed sons and daughters, and our friends and fellow gamers in harms way, a little comfort from home. 
I've got a bunch of different bundles of games up so please check it out or spread the word to your gamer pals! 


Click here to contribute/bid

Watch the short horror film VISION...




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THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Nineteen part one

Chapter Nineteen
part one

Wednesday November 30, 1994

Ivory painted walls and iron gray doors combined with poor lighting to give the locker room a dungeon-like quality. The air was thick with the smell of stale sweat and mildew. 

“Look the fuckin' fact is if you can't play sports you're not a real person.” Bobby Hilton spoke loudly as he changed from his gym clothes, “I mean what's the point of being a guy if you can't do guy stuff? May as well put on a fuckin' dress.” 

Kenny laughed, “Yeah a dress! A frilly one!” 

Tristam and Greg were on the other side of the row of lockers. “I still can't get over that crit you rolled,” Greg pulled off his sneakers and tossed them into his locker. 

“Beginners luck,” Tristam stuffed his gym shorts into a plastic grocery bag and then put that bag into his knapsack. If he didn't get his shorts washed soon they were going to walk home on their own. 

“I dunno, maybe you should go to Vegas. I bet you could make a fortune at the craps tables.”

“I don't think they use twenty-sided dice in craps.”


From he other side of the lockers Kenny Wurman giggled, “Yeah, yeah!”

Bobby slammed his locker door hard enough to shake the entire row, “Half the problem with this school is we let in all these freaks... Dog killers, Holy-rollers and fat slobs.”

Kenny slammed his locker too, “Yeah losers.” 

No matter how neatly Tristam tried to fold his slacks they always ended up looking like they'd spent three weeks at the bottom of a garbage can. He pulled them on and zipped up, “The natives are restless.”

Greg laughed as he tied his shoes “Field hockey gets them overstimulated.”

Tristam tried not to stare as Greg pulled off his ‘Babylon 5’ T-shirt. The scars that marked Greg’s abdomen were ugly and discolored. Greg said, “We should all get together this weekend and rent movies.”

Tristam grinned, “Still don't know what to do now that the dragon is dead huh?”

“Are you kidding? I haven't even started on you guys yet. Think about it... You guys are in a cave with all this treasure... How are you gonna get it out? Heck half the beasties in there are going to try and get to the dragon hoard now. You guys are worse off than before.”

“You are a sick and twisted man. I can't believe someone that cruel would cry at Forrest Gump.”

“See that's what I get for sharing,” Greg groaned “Hey, have you seen it yet?”

Tristam shook his head as he buttoned up his shirt and pulled on his navy blue sweater “Not yet.”

“The story is great and the effects are something else, you think Tom Hanks is really there with the Presidents and John Lennon and stuff.” 

Bobby's shouts filled the locker room “Hey faggots! You two aren't trading underpants over there are you?”

Trading underpants? Tristam found it hard to believe he'd once found insults like that hilarious.

“Come on,” Greg said, “let's get out of here, class starts soon.” 

Notebooks and textbooks in hand they headed out the locker room door, Bobby and Kenny shouting insults at their backs. The halls were relatively quiet, the few students around were content to ignore them. The janitor approached as they made their way to the stairwell, “Hello gentlemen.”

“Jason...” Greg glanced at Tristam.

Tristam said, “How goes the mopping?”

“Could be better.” Jason said, “Have either of you boys seen young Warren? We were having this conversation about the Tarot I’m most anxious to finish.”

Better you than me Warren. Tristam thought.

Greg shrugged, “I haven’t seen him yet. We usually catch him at lunch.”

“Ah.” Jason smiled but his dark eyes seemed distracted, “Such good friends. I envy you kids, I really do. High school is such an important and formative time. I wish I remembered more of my teenage years. It’s all a bit of a blur really.”

“That’s what happens when you go to high school in the Seventies,” Tristam joked.

“Actually, I’m much younger than I look but I have an old soul.”

The period bell rang, students began to file out of their classrooms, a sea of uniforms and young faces. “We gotta go,” Greg said.

“Oh of course.” The janitor waved and turned his attention back to his work.

As they walked up the stairway Tristam said, “Hey can I ask you a religious question?”

“Sure.” Greg said.

“Do you believe that a soul can die?”


“Do you believe that a soul can die?”

Adelphos walked past them, waved and headed down the stairs to the art department. Greg gave Tristam a funny look, “What's all this about souls? You been reading Rich's Elric books?”

“Maybe.” Tristam suddenly wanted to end this conversation now, he was afraid he might say too much.

“Why are you asking?” Greg said, “I thought you were an atheist.”

“Let's just say I'm in the midst of a spiritual crisis.”

A new trailer for JOHN DIES AT THE END!




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I have no words...




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In honor of the season... Suddenly Bela Lugosi SUDDENLY BELA LUGOSI EVERYWHERE!






















I bet this squirrel is going to have a better Halloween than I did...

Lord Of The Nerds Joss Whedon weighs in on the Presidential election...

Supervillain Yearbook Pictures?