Friday, November 2, 2012

Apparently PLAYBOY and LeeAnn Vamp cooked up a Vampirella tribute! (SFW)









Are they working on a JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK movie?


Standing apart from Justice League and their ilk are several DC characters with at least one foot in the supernatural. There’s Deadman, The Spectre, John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Etrigan, Zatanna, Zatara, arguably Swamp Thing. Well, if this rumour turns out to be true, several of these – if not all of them – could feature in a single upcoming movie. Latino Review say that Guillermo Del Toro is planning something called Heaven Sent* that will draw on DC’s books of magic, as it were, to leverage the library in a slightly more off-centre way than Justice League ever would. There’s little more to the report...


Thursday, November 1, 2012


In 1960, American International Picture’s “house” director Roger Corman convinced the notoriously cheap movie studio to pony up a little extra time and money (and color film) to produce Corman’s attempt to capture the lush Gothic atmosphere of a Hammer horror film. Against their thrifty nature, the studio relented, allowing the ambitious and inventive director a staggering fourteen days to make Fall of the House of Usher. The resulting film, a landmark in American horror, is a necessarily narrowly focused affair — there are only four characters — but it’s a fantastic accomplishment. The quick turn-around time and low budget is hardly evident. Every frame is stuffed with decaying Gothic opulence and vibrant color, and the talky nature and slow pace of the film never causes the narrative to drag, thanks almost entirely to the brilliant and tortured performance by Vincent Price. AIP’s risky (for them) investment paid off. The film was a hit, and audiences used to seeing cheap black and white horror were dazzled by this sudden explosion of color and quality. When the dollars started pouring in, AIP gave the go-ahead to Corman for another film in the same vein. And another. And thus was born what’s known as AIP’s Poe Cycle, a series of consistently high-quality horror films based (extremely loosely at times) on the writing of Edgar Allan Poe (and, in one case, H.P. Lovecraft, but they sold it as Poe)...


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello friends and readers.... no Friday story this week...

Sorry folks, but the 26th of October was my 45th Birthday, today is my 19th wedding aniversary and then my wife's birthday is coming up this weekend. Just no time to finish things like I want to for THE NIGHT BLOGGER but don't worry next week will see us back on schedule...


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