Sunday, February 26, 2017

The teasers are not what the seem...

Three goodbyes...

Joseph Albert Wapner
1919 - 2017

TMZ is reporting that Judge Wapner has passed away. Joseph Albert Wapner’s The People’s Court was on the air from 1981 until 1993, and was the forerunner of all of the adjudicated reality shows including Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, and myriad others... From BLEEDING COOL

Chris Wiggins
1931 - 2017

In the wake of Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives hitting theaters, the spinoff television series “Friday the 13th: The Series” premiered. An obvious attempt to cash in on the name brand of the franchise, the series had nothing whatsoever to do with Jason Voorhees or the same-named films; but it was not without its own unique set of charms. One of those charms came in the form of actor Chris Wiggins, who played an occult expert by the name of Jack Marshak. Today we’re sad to report that the veteran Canadian actor has passed away at 87... From BLOODY DISGUSTING

Bill Paxton
1955 - 2017

Reports are coming in that actor Bill Paxton has passed away this morning after complications from surgery. Paxton, known for films like Twister, Titanic and Aliens, was 61 years old... From BLEEDING COOL