Wednesday, August 27, 2014

ARMAGIDEON TIME dares us to consider Savage Tales #1's "Fury of the Femazons"

Actually, it’s closer to Andrea Dworkin and John Norman fighting each other with rusty knives, while Robert E. Howard presses a borrowed handgun to his temple. 

“The Fury of the Femizons” takes place in a future world run by the U.S.A. — the United Sisterhood Alliance, that is — a gynocracy established after the women of the world had enough of males’ oppression, belligerence, and habit of sending unsolicited photos of their genitals.

Those were some grim times, let me tell you — mass confiscation of fedoras, rows and rows of manacled bros forced to march for days without even a sip of Gamer Fuel, the agonized pleas of “NOT ALL MEN” cruelly ignored by the God-Empress Sarkeesian. 

The women of the Sisterhood spend their days engaged in gladiatorial combat or culling the herds of feral males and spend their nights having sandwiches brought to them by domesticated sex slaves — all in accordance with the established principles of radical feminist theory. (“Objective #1: Overthrow the patriarchy. Objective #2: Get fitted for metal corsets that expose maximum cleavage.”)...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BOING BOING brings us David Nickle's examination of HP Lovecraft's racism...


It's a telling thing in our little community of weird fiction afficionados, that as much as we fetishize those immense and indestructible beasts and beings of the Cthulhu Mythos, the one monster that we cannot bring ourselves to face is the frail and fearful one who put it all together...

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Monday, August 25, 2014

'Doctor Whore'? OK nerd porn has officially gone too far for my tastes...

You can see the trailer on io9
This version of Who features both the Tennant and Smith Doctors, plus a slew of characters from nuWho, including "River Dong." What else do you expect from a parody called Doctor Whore? (Side note: All my friends agree it should have been called Dick-tor Who instead.) Also present: the merciless Cyber-semen. Plus there's a whole lot of chanting of "Ex-sperminate!" Basically, porn spoofs are where puns go to die. With that out of the way, here's the exclusive nudity-free trailer, which is chock full of in-jokes. And you'll never look at fish fingers and custard the same way again...

What the world needs now- BATTLE ARMOR DISNEY PRINCESSES!

From io9

THE LANGUAGE OF BROMANCE begins their Horror Movie Draft!