Friday, May 29, 2009

5 Second Fiction Seven

The man in the high-backed chair was dying and Zeth was content to watch

5 Second Fiction Six

It was the kind of Honeymoon she had always dreamed about -until the burning clown hit the balcony.

5 Second Fiction Five

"I love being a secret agent." Bernard Flapdoodle explained, "But I just can't take all those goofy codenames."

5 Second Fiction Four

For Rachel the best and worst part of being a vampire was the feeding, tasting both soul and memory before snuffing it out.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Second Fiction Three

Magwier explained they were called the dark gods because they lived in mens' hearts.

5 Second Fiction Two

Lorelei and Audra stared in disbelief as the last thug crumpled. Who would ever have thought the Amish kid knew kung-fu?

5 Second Fiction One

Lorelei hid in dreams and lost herself in nightmares but whenever she awoke there he was- plain as day.

What The Hell...

So I as goofing around with my twitter account and tried to do super short one line stories within the 140 character range.

I called them 5 Second Fiction... I figured I would share them with you folks as well.

And in other good and geeky news- the newest storyline for LOVECRAFT IS MISSING has started

If you love comics, or the Cthulhu mythos or just like a good read then get started!

This is the new stuff...

Or if you want to start from the beginning start here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 96th Birthday Peter Cushing...

He played Dr Who, Van Helsing, Doctor Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes. He was born today in 1913. The ending of Horror of Dracula is one of the defining moments of my childhood and a lot of his films are in my video collection.

A day early, several dollars short

Here is Chapter 14 for my serial novel. I guess I am the kind of guy that would rather be early than on time.

Hope you are enjoying the story so far.

I'd like to say I caught all the errors but it seems like every time I dare to think such I think I discover I've misspelled my own name.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Some will sing, some will booze

I have a love of song parodies... as you can see here.

And this tribute to karaoke (The Japanese word for 'tone deaf')by College Humor is not only very funny they also somehow managed to do the entire video in one continuous shot.

The mind boggles, I can't even pee in one continuous shot any more.