Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not only does LOVECRAFT EZINE wisely recommend "MESSIAH OF EVIL" they make it easy for you to watch it!




I haven’t had time to watch this yet, but I have it on good authority from several sources that it’s a great Lovecraftian movie. says, “It’s rare to run across a Lovecraftian film that is a) Lovecraftian in tone without dragging the Cthulhu mythos into things and b) any good at all. Messiah of Evil unexpectedly manages to do both and becomes an unknown minor classic in the process. A surreal, creepy, strange and very compelling film...”


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(Insane News) "Man arrested for the FOURTH time for having sex with a teddy bear in public"


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A man was arrested for the fourth time for having sex with a teddy bear in public. Charles Marshall, 28, received a citation on Wednesday for masturbating with the stuffed animal in an alley near the Elm Street Health Clinic in Cincinnati, Ohio, it has been revealed. This is the fourth occasion since 2010 that the man has been arrested for pleasuring himself with a teddy bear.

Employees at the health clinic noticed Marshall in an alley engaging in a sex act with himself. They reported the situation to police.  Marshall was found using the stuffed animal to masturbate. Marshall has a history of arrests for having sex with teddy bears in public...

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Yes... I wanted to hear this version of the song today... SING IT LEONARD NIMOY!!!