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Paul Hanley's DOCTOR WHO fan comic 'Fade Away' brought a tear to my eye...


Paul Hanley's art is always worth your time but this is a must read. It tells the story of the Doctor's final meeting with the Brigadier. If you're a Doctor Who fan you'll find this to be a tear jerker and a crowd pleaser.

Page One

Page Two

Page Three

Page Four

Page Five

Page Six

Page Seven

Page Eight

Page Nine


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Vampires vs Zombies vs Mummies vs Werewolves vs Dave Foley!!!!!

Information found via TWITCHFILM

Set in the tradition of a Pay-Per View main event comes a grotesque and hilarious fight to the death featuring a class of eight classic combatants in all. Along with their colorful managers, these Monsters compete in visceral, bloody combat in the ring to determine the most powerful monster of all time...


Pacar Hantu Perawan may have the greatest movie trailer of ALL TIME!

Mike Makes An Impression

Mike Makes An Impression

(an excerpt from the serial novel FULLY VESTED)


Sunlight streamed in from the open window, it made Mike Carter have to squint to make out the stranger sitting behind the mahogany desk. The shiny nameplate on the front of that desk read Brian Hayes, and the man studying Mike’s resume was lean with dark neat hair. After five weeks of interviews all the faces had started to look the same. The individual features might change but those cool eyes and well trained plastic smiles never did. The Human Resources director at Mike’s old job had been just like that, he’d worn the same expression for the downsizing that he’d worn for the office Christmas party.

They’re all the same. Mike thought, It doesn’t matter if they’re corporate wonks just passing through or if they’re true believers, they’re all fakes.

Brian Hayes looked up from the resume, “Why the scowl?”

“Oh.” Mike tried to shift his expression, “The sun is in my eyes.”

“I’m sorry,” Brian flicked a switch on his desk and the blinds whispered to a close. He grinned, “Neat huh?”

Mike was blinking, waiting for his vision to adjust, “Very.”

“What did we do before technology?” Brian chuckled to himself, “So, Mike, what makes you think that the Trinity Advance Corporation is the next step in your career path?”

Career path? I’m just trying to survive.

“Well, I’ve heard a lot of great things about your company...” Mike began his well-rehearsed spiel.

There were framed butterflies mounted on both walls of the office, Mike tried to gauge his posture and deportment from the translucent reflections he cast on their panes.

The truth was Mike didn’t like what he saw, prematurely gray hair and a sloppy physique. He was in his forties but he looked ten years older. Mike knew he was the kind of person everyone overlooked, from women, to family to employers. How many times had he fought his way to middle management only to find himself let go when it was time to trim the fat? The first few times it happened he had tried to be good humored about it but this was downsizing number five and it was always right before he was about to claw his way out of debt.

I’m washed up. He thought glumly, Washed up at forty-eight. I deserve better than this.

“You like the butterflies?” Brian Hayes asked.

“Oh. Yes. They’re very eye catching,” Mike shrunk in his seat.

Great. Now he thinks I’m not paying attention.

Brian Hayes laced his fingers behind his head and leaned back, “I used to be really into the whole butterfly collecting thing but work rarely leaves me any time for it.”

“That’s too bad,” Mike said, but the truth was he thought butterfly collecting was a creepy-ass hobby.

“Funny isn’t it? We get jobs to make money so we can do what we want in our spare time and then we suddenly find we’ve got no time or energy left because of our jobs,” Brian Hayes smiled, “what are your hobbies Mike?”

“I Don’t have any.”

“Oh, well are you a family man? That’s a career in itself.”

“No wife, no kids.”

Brian Hayes leaned forward, “I see. Than I have to ask, Mike, what are your passions?”

For a moment Mike thought to lie, to say something like Work is my passion. But in the end he just shrugged and said, “I don’t have any.”

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Apparently he's drunk and he has a mutant super healing powers

Otherwise how the Hell is he still alive?

Insane video found via GEEKOLOGIE


5 Second Fiction One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Seven

Jason knew success as a used car salesman didn't come from stretching the truth, it was crushing the lies down to manageable size.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Six

He kept all of his important papers in a castle carved from solid granite but everyone knew about his Rock Fort Files.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Five

Chip loved to answer every insult with a sneer of “That's what SHE said.” He barely survived boot camp.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four

With all the recent political sex scandals voters finally knew what their elected officials real positions were.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Three

Then Captain Hero learned that the bank robbers were all eldrich beings from the distant past. It was a shadow out of crime.

COLD SWEAT May Be The Feel Good Half Naked Chicks In Nitroglycerine Film Of The Year!

More teens are having WHAT????????

(Insane News) Man walks from Syracuse to Watertown with his wife - she's a mannequin by the way.

Article found via BUZZFEED

Click here to read the rest of the article at THE WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES

The Pandorica Kyooooooooootness!

I was never this cool when I was a kid.

Then again when I was a kid Doctor Who wasn't cool.

Thanks to Life, Doctor Who & Combom for this

What could be cooler than Robert E. Howard's "The Thing on the Roof"?

As if I didn't hate ninjas enough now they have added EXPLODING FISH to their arsenal!

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(Insane News) John Constantine in the JUSTICE LEAGUE???


Justice League Dark #1 – Justice League Dark has been a rumored title for a long time, but I don’t think anybody understood what it truly meant. The team of characters on this book is the most interesting part of this book, to me, as it features John Constantine fromHellblazer, Shade The Changing Man who is featured in the current mini-series Flashpoint: Secret Seven, Deadman, Madame Xanadu from Vertigo success, and who appears to be Zatanna. This book feels very bizarre and fun, and with Peter Milligan writing, I have faith. And although I haven’t seen much from artist Mikel Janin, his work in the recent JLA 80-Page Giant was nothing short of impressive. This is going to be a book to pay a lot of attention to...

The new min/MAX is here!

(Insane News) Man killed playing Russian roulette with a dog.

Article found via

SOUTH BEND — A game of Russian roulette with a dog ended when a College Street man put a bullet in his own head. Russell Little was pronounced dead at Memorial Hospital late Tuesday following the self-inflicted gunshot wound in the backyard of his home in the 1600 block of North College Street....

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Another Michael Bukowski Lovecraftian drawing to drive you batty.

In the teaser for TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY Captain Jack faces his greatest mistake


Thanks to i09 for this

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HEY! LOOK BEHIND YOU! wisely recommends HACK/SLASH


If Buffy were more goth with a hardcore edge, she'd be Cassie Hack.
The beginning of the series, My First Maniac, starts with outcast Cassie in high school, killing her mother whom was already dead once before....

Happy Birthday to Colin Baker!

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FULLY VESTED (a serial novel) chapter two


Fully Vested

Chapter Two


First Day

Two weeks later Mike Carter found himself sitting in a wide room in the Trinity Advance Corporation’s regional headquarters with twelve other newly hired employees. He was still a little stunned to find himself here after what he thought was the worst job interview of his life but he wasn’t going to argue about it.

“First off I want to welcome you all to the team,” the woman in the front of the room wore her hair in an elegant tangle of loose curls, her suit was finely tailored, her ears and wrists twinkled with jewelry. She looked to Mike like something from the cover of a magazine about the rich and famous, “My name is Helen Ginnmett and I’m here to let you all know what you can expect in your first few weeks…”

Mike already knew what to expect, it was back to school time; orientation, training and evaluation. The real trick to things like this was to try and separate the procedures they taught you about from the procedures that you actually needed to use on a daily basis. There were no windows in the room but Mike knew that they were just a stones’ throw from Exit 9 on I-890.

The Trinity Advance Corporation’s regional headquarters was a rectangular complex of steel and glass tucked away in Schenectady, New York. The city government had used all kinds of tax incentives and veiled bribes to get Trinity Advance to settle within their borders. Schenectady had once been a thriving company town, growing and evolving in symbiosis with the General Electric factory near the heart of the city. The modern era had brought setbacks as jobs moved overseas and decay started to set in. Property values dwindled as businesses and families migrated away. Now Schenectady was a place you were either exiled to by circumstance, or a place you were desperate to escape from. The city fathers had hoped that Trinity Advance would change that but it turned out that with its proximity to the interstate few of the people the company had brought to the area actually lived or shopped within the city limits. Every morning they commuted in and every evening they sped home.

For Mike it was different, he had been living in Schenectady for years. His home was a cramped studio apartment that sometimes seemed more like a jail cell.

“Now most of you will be working in our Billing and Sales, but a few of you will also be working with our Human Resources department and the technical support workgroup. All of the next few weeks apply to you as well because all our data and records are accessed via our proprietary software system called SIGIL,” Helen Ginnmett walked from one end of the room to the other; she seemed to be trying to make eye contact with everyone. “It’s really easy so don’t worry. If my cubicle-mate Piers can figure it out, anyone can.”

I couldn’t imagine sharing a cubicle with her. Mike thought, I’d never get anything done. Might be fun though. She looks about half my age though. Then again, I think I may be the only forty year old in the room. I must be the token old fart.

“The doors automatically lock both ways, so you will each be issued an identity card with your picture. You swipe in on one of the card readers by the doors and swipe out again at the end of the day,” she explained, “you also need to use the cards to get into the part of the building you work in. That way we don’t have any of the maniacs from Executive Support harassing you guys.”

Executive support? Mike wondered if that was some new way of saying secretarial pool.

“So anyway, the long and short of it is, if you forget your card you’re not getting in. If you lose your card they’re fifty bucks to replace. Ok?” She looked around the room and gave an impish little grin, “Ok. Let’s get this party started.”

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(Insane News) Naked Man At Governor Dick Park

Link found via

On Thursday, a man on a bike spotted a naked man running in Governor Dick Park in West Cornwall Township, Lebanon County.

A similar incident happened on Sunday afternoon in South Londonderry Township. Police said a man exposed himself to women along the Rails to Trails nature trail.

In Cumberland County on Friday, police said a naked jogger approached women at the Camp Hill Borough park...

Read more:

Will SUPER HYBRID be the definitive blood drinking morphing breathing car on a rampage film?

THE SECRET KNOTS is once again awesome

The Acrobatic Flea isn't just sharing a post about HEROCIL... he's also a client.

Thanks to HEROPRESS for this


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Michael Bukowski just posted an imagine of a Lovecraftian squirrel... and I'd be NUTS not to tell you about it!

I'll take a Lovecraftian squirrel over a Human Centipede any day...


For more mythos madness be sure to stop by!

Another great installment of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERHERO GIRL

HEY LOOK BEHIND YOU wants you to watch the short film BITCH

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Michael Bukowski's Illustrations of Lovecraft's Mythos are mind-bendingly awesome.

This is his version of HASTUR and I think it is awesome!

(Hastur is my favorite of the mythos)

Stop by www.yog-blogsoth.blogspot. to see Michael's art and tell him what you think!



 In the UK and awaiting your chance to see the sequel to Tom Six's cult hit The Human Centipede (First Sequence)? Well, unless the BBFC have a radical change of heart it aint going to happen. Not by legal means, anyway. Not ever. The British Board Of Film Classification have rejected the film outright, calling it "sexually violent and potentially obscene" in a way so pervasive that it cannot even be remedied by cuts. Though the filmmakers have six weeks to appeal, if the decision stands it means that the film cannot be sold legally within the UK. Here's the complete judgement, but be aware that it does contain spoilers...

Funny... I enjoyed the first HUMAN CENTEPDE but this one seems a little off putting, much like what I have read and scene of A SERBIAN FILM. I wonder if I am becoming more of a wussy in my old age, Yet oddly enough I have enjoyed the French horror films Frontier(S), Matyrs and Inside.

Go figure.


The trailer for FRIGHT NIGHT fills me with hope and anticipation

It looks like they're bringing a lot of originality to the table. I  hear a rumor that David Tennant steals the show and I don't doubt it but it looks like Colin Farrell is going to do a great job as the villain. And I say this as a guy that could care less about Colin Farrell and has been sick of vampires since around 1995.



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Foreplay On The Edge Of Forever part twelve

Price Breaks And Heartaches

A journal of retail and failed romance

Chapter Six

Foreplay On The Edge Of Forever

part twelve

Tallulah and I found excuses to see each other pretty much every night, to Hell with work, to Hell with family commitments and to Hell with taking it slow. We made plans for our weekends, our holidays and our summer. We made love like fugitives, wherever we could find privacy or whenever one of us had a house to ourselves.

Thankfully Tallulah’s family loved to take weekend trips and drag their younger daughter along with them. Tallulah was their older daughter and was always willing to stay behind and take care of the dog, usually citing work as the reason but I think you dear reader suspect the real reason. And if you don’t, let me answer you with the following four words.

Captain Al’s Wild Ride.


I will always remember stirring that one Saturday morning, that morning I had woken to see Tallulah had been watching me sleep. Her eyes positively sparkled. We were naked under the covers of her bed. As far as I was concerned this was already shaping up to be a memorable day.

If I only knew how memorable it was going to be.

The previous night we had watched the Headbangers’ Ball and she had learned I was a closet metalhead. Then I learned that she was a closet sci-fi fan and considered reading the DUNE novels to be one of the most important events of her adolescence.

Then the time for conversation had ended and we moved to the bedroom. My lovemaking was still as clumsy as it was sweet but I somehow managed work past my weirding way so I could rock her like a hurricane. Two spent condoms later we had drifted off to sleep.

The only bad point about that night had been the family dog, an elderly poodle named Puff that had gotten into the habit of sneaking into the room so he could stare blankly at us or worse yet steal an article of my clothing to gnaw on.

“Good morning,” she grinned at me.

I grinned back, “It sure is.”

“What do you want for breakfast?”

“You,” I said as I moved closer.

Ah, the energy and virility of nineteen. How I miss it now when I’m in my forties and every other lovemaking session ends in what can only be referred to as a taffy pull.

Once we had finished it was off to the shower, which we shared, giggling at the mischief of it. Then we dressed regretfully and Tallulah made me pancakes. I watched her, my heart brimming over. Nothing else mattered, it was though we were the last people on Earth.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

We exchanged panicked glances. “Who’s that?”

She switched off the stove, “Quick! Go make the bed!”

I blundered from the kitchen table, ran to her room, stumbled over the dog and tipped over the bedside wastebasket.

“Oh Hi Uncle Bill!” I heard her say.

I threw the covers up over the bed, then zipped across the hall and after tripping over the dog again made a show of walking out the bathroom.

“Uncle Bill,” Tallulah gave me a panicked smile, “this is Al... my boyfriend.”

This was the first time she had ever referred to me as her boyfriend but I was too busy marveling at her Uncle Bill’s height and shoulder width to enjoy it.

“Good to meet you,” I said.

Uncle Bill eyed me suspiciously, “You’re here early.”

“Yes... yes I am.”


“I am on my way to work, I thought we could have breakfast together.”

Tallulah said, “Exactly!”

Uncle Bill turned to her, “Your Dad wanted me to check up on you. He was worried.”

We all stood there for a moment looking uncomfortably at each other. Puff walked past us with a friendly, “Furph.”

“Would you like to join us?” Tallulah said.

“Yes, I would,” Uncle Bill replied. We led him to the kitchen. He and I sat down at the table and Tallulah got back to the business of making pancakes.

Funny isn’t it? On one hand my girlfriend and I were consenting adults, on the other hand we were worried about getting grounded for life.

Uncle Bill leaned back in his chair, “Al, I hear you want to be a writer.”

“Yes,” I said, “if I live long enough.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Furph.” Puff called from the parlor.

Tallulah and I made small talk with Uncle Bill over breakfast. I tried not to look guilty or like an idiot but idiot is pretty much my default in situations like this.

Puff’s Furph-ings had become an almost gagging sound. “He better not be barfing on the carpet again,” Tallulah’s voice moved from panic to aggravation.

“I’ll take care of it,” I got up from the table, “my Mom is a dog breeder. I’m an old hand at cleaning up messes. You two keep talking.”

“Thank you!” Tallulah called after me.

In truth I was desperate to get out of there. All through my second helping of pigs in a blanket I had been envisioning Uncle Bill’s meaty hands around my throat. I found Puff in the living room.

Furph. Furph. Furph!”

I realized in a flash of panic he was choking, I drew closer and suddenly the room began to swirl around me.

“Hey!” Uncle Bill called, “What's wrong in there?”

Furph. Furph. Furph!”

All the pieces had fallen into place perfectly;

The overturned wastebasket...

The curious dog...

The three used condoms!

Furph. Furph. Furph!” Puff choked and chewed. He might have looked like a mad dog but I knew that wasn't foam on his lips.

“Al?” Tallulah called, “Is Puff Ok?”

“We better check,” I could hear Uncle Bill standing up.

There was no time and I had no choice. I jammed my hand into the animal's mouth and retrieved the greasy handful of dog drool, latex and baby Brunos.

Uncle Bill's shadow fell across the room, I jammed the sticky mess into my pocket and suppressed a shudder. “What's wrong?” Uncle Bill asked again.

“I'm not sure,” I said trying to sound casual, “but I rubbed his tummy and he's fine now.”

“I guess you do have a way with dogs,” Uncle Bill smiled approvingly.

“Oh look!” Tallulah laughed with delight, “Puff is giving Al kisses!”

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Did you like the first min/MAX storyline?

It was created for a contest being run by Steve Jackson Games to celebrate the anniversary of their card game MUNCHKIN.


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