Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's hot JOKER VS JOKER action!

And now the trailer for BETHANY

Just puddles being awesome...

A lost gem from Weird Al!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

La De Dah! A new episode of WE HATE MOVIES!


On this week's episode, the gang gets grossed out by the 1994 daddy-daughter comedy, My Father the Hero! Couldn't the production have given GĂ©rard a better haircut and nicer fitting clothes? How are we supposed to feel anything for this cold-blooded ice monster that Katherine Heigl plays? And how did we not get any more Tobo in this stinker? PLUS: Our greatest fake movie yet, Fat Spies!

Two from Sids Super Sidious Creepypastas

MrCreepyPasta presents Warm Sweater" by Christopher Maxim

A triple feature from MapleCreepyPasta!

And now the trailer for THE DEVIL'S CANDY

?hctaw tsuj I did lleH eht tahW

More DC comic cover goodness!

Will you see the light and watch the trailer for LEMON TREE ROAD?

THE VOID - I have got to see this movie!

Let's see what SILENT HORROR is up to this time... OH MY GOD!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Another dark delight from MR. CREEPYPASTA!

More CINEMA SNOB riffing!

Scarjo is still kicking ass!

Now THIS is an X-File...

More Micronauts madness from GONE & FORGOTTEN

Miserable astronaut dad Ray Coffin and evil robot jerk Dr.Phil Prometheus have fallen down the Prometheus Pit into the Microverse -- a journey which has been fatal to everyone who's ever attempted it before! Steve, the Micronauts and Muffin have rescued Bug and are now running for their lives through the halls of H.E.L.L. to escape Prometheus' cyborg security force! And Biotron is back in the Coffin's garage, trying to repair the Endeavor and not get killed by the Coffin's pet cat! It's action-packed!

Three from MapleCreepyPasta!

Lupus Creepus presents "Closed Eyes"

Don't Turn Around presents 'Creepy texts from my ex.'

"What does he mean when he says words?"

GONE & FORGOTTEN takes a swim with SEADRAGON!

Seadragon is Walter Koch, a researcher who becomes trapped in an experimental deep-sea "gill suit" developed at a place called "The Dragon's Lair." How did they manage to get funding for that? Also, the reason he got fused to it was a "nuclear accident," so more questions have been raised than answered...