Friday, December 21, 2012

The Slenderman is ready for his close up! Check out the trailer for ENTITY...

The work of writer, artist and 'usual madman' Sam Hunt needs your love... your sweaty filthy Internet love!

This guy is one of my better friends out there and I think his work should be a little more widely read. If you haven't done it yet visit his website



THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE startled him awake, but instead of his bed, he was underwater. Lucidity came at him from every angle, a silent flock of doves converging on his confusion, and brought him to a diamond clarity. A dark and subtle landscape of undulating blue, red, and green materialized from the nothing-world that was his slumber, and the cold water threatened to take his breath away. Somehow he'd gone fromhis bedroom to the brook out back, and shot in the neck somewhere between the two...




WHEN MIKE ELLINGTON WOKE up, he was naked and couldn't move. Not that he was paralyzed--he could feel the cold surface of the table against his back--but he was wrapped in a ton of Christmas lights. His own lights, he realized as he angled his head to look at his bonds. He had been bound to the dining room table with his own damn Christmas lights, the green cords looping over and over and over around his legs, midsection, and arms until he was completely immobilized...




"VERY GOOD, BLANCO," I SAID, praising my subject. I held up another card, this one with a picture of a Bengal tiger on it. He leaned closer, and I could hear his eyes focus more precisely on the card. He seemed to be processing it, and then said, "It is an image of a tiger."...


George Takei reading aloud from 50 SHADES OF GRAY is kinda adorable...

From i09

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STANLEY PICKLE is 1/2 Rankin Bass 1/2 Mad Scientist

Found via i09

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The NSFW red-band trailer for JOHN DIES AT THE END features the Tall Man dropping the f-bomb!


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Anyone else getting an 80's vibe from the new TARDIS interior?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Another DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special? Save something for the actual special guys!

And are Vastra and Jenny making out in that carriage?

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BUZZFEED presents the 30 best mugshots of 2012...

These are my favorites!






And you can see there rest here at BUZZFEED...

Monday, December 17, 2012

The trailer for BRING ME THE HEAD OF MACHINE GUN WOMAN has a woman... with machine guns!!!

Oh good grief it's Anna-Maria Jung's "Call of Snoophulhu"


Hey there readers of THE COLD INSIDE... I somehow posted the Sixth Interlude before chapter Twenty-one.

Nothing spoiled or ruined but I thought you should know.

THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Twenty-one part one

Chapter Twenty-one
part one

December 5, 1994

Pam was already gone, her boyfriend was driving her in to school today. So Tristam and his mother sat at opposite ends of the table, each reading a different section of the newspaper, the yellow cockatiel perched on a child's-sized bowl of Cheerios whistling contentedly.

With breakfast halfway finished and the bus fifteen minutes away Tristam's mother cleared her throat to speak, “I'll be by to pick you up after detention.”

Tristam looked up from the comic pages, “OK.”

“Don't forget your Dad is going to call tonight.”

“I won't.”

Cookie squawked and leapt into the air, flying to the top of her cage. She sat there whistling uncertainly. “That bird sure is jumpy lately.” Carol Bloom said, “Are you sure you're spending enough time with her?”

“Yes,” Tristam set the newspaper down and walked over to the cage, He spent a few moments calming the bird, “What's the matter huh? What's the matter?”

“Maybe we should get another one… a playmate”

He put the bird back in the cage, and latched the door. Cookie gave a forlorn whistle and then hopped over to her cuttlebone, “That'll be a lot more work.”

“You could handle it.”

“What if I'm not here?”

She slammed her coffee cup down on the table, “Don't get snotty with me.”

“I'm not getting snotty I'm just telling you something.” He walked over to the kitchen table and started cleaning up his breakfast dishes, “If I'm gone are you gonna do it? Is Pam? I wonder what Dr. Butterfield would say to me coming home to a pair of dead birds.”

“Then maybe you should behave yourself.”

“You used to treat me like I was something special.”

“Special doesn’t make you better, it doesn’t mean beyond reproach.” Carol got up from the table and advanced on Tristam, daring him to defy her further, “Besides, I stopped cutting you slack once you ended up on the six o'clock news. Now get going, if you miss the bus you're grounded for the next two weekends.”

Another DOCTOR WHO minisode, this one featuring Madame Vastra. FOR THE LOVE OF HASTUR GET HER A SERIES!!!!

delightful fan art by ZIZI



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