Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have got to get me a webcam one of these days...

there is a serious shortage of Al Bruno III on Youtube!

There is however a lot of my Dad to been seen and enjoyed so please do so!

He offered me the chance for music lessons but all I wanted were those HP Lovecraft books...

5 Second Fiction Fifty Five

Lorelei stood at the foundtain, staring down through the water to the piles of bones. Of all the places to drop your keys...

5 Second Fiction Fifty Four

George found being able to transform into a burly Viking advantageous in a fight but disastrous during a job interview.

5 Second Fiction Fifty Three

Karl stayed away from hookers that promised to "love him long time", it was too intimidating.

5 Second Fiction Fifty Two

The only thing that saved mankind from the blasphemous spawn of the stars was their mind bendingly poor sense of direction.

5 Second Fiction Fifty One

Andrea had never intended to become a serial killer but Sunday afternoons in Utica were just so damn boring...

5 Second Fiction Fifty

My one regret is that I never had the chance to use the words 'werewolf', 'linguine' and 'outhouse' in a single sentence.

5 Second Fiction Forty Nine

If two celebrities hadn't died that week the news outlets probably would have spent more time covering the alien invasion.

5 Second Fiction Forty Eight

The real tragedy of Dr. Craven Slaughterface was that he actually was a pretty damn good pediatrician.

5 Second Fiction Forty Seven

"Not only do you have no idea WHAT the Hell you're doing." Audra said, "You also have no idea WHO the Hell you're doing."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Price Breaks and Heartaches: part twelve

The story you are looking for has been relocated and retooled.

If you can't find one of your favorite chapters don't worry, it'll be back!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5 Second Fiction Forty Four

All through his marriage he had tried to keep a tight hold on her but in the end all he was left holding was a photograph.

5 Second Fiction Forty Three

Zeth raised his aching head as far as the chains would allow, "What do you mean things could have been worse?"

5 Second Fiction Forty Two

Once the technology was available the time travellers to hippies ratio at the original Woodstock was 4 to 1.

A nice Doctor Who related poem from my friend Kate Sherrod

In Which I Explain The Motivation Behind A Hashtag (#doctorwhotillmyeyesbleed)

I lived without TV for many years,
Well over ten, if truth indeed be told.
I missed it not, except for -- bring the jeers --
One show from overseas I'd loved of old.
That show was Doctor Who, which only came
To me in Saratoga, much delayed,
Through Denver's PBS, which bore the flame
Of wobbly sets and Time Lords, chiefly played
By one Tom Baker, then Pete Davison.
The show went on without me, glad to say,
While I attended Bard, grad school, had fun
In Boston writing for odd 'zines, away
From any cathode ray tubes but now I've
A hankerin' to see Docs beyond Five.

Be sure to stop by her blog for more!

oh My GOD

Geekologie gives us a look at the world of Klingon Inspired Baby Products.

I mean i could understand a TARDIS crib but THIS?

A quick note to my daughter...

My little one is away for the week spending time at camp and her grandparents but there have already been a few tearful phone calls already. She misses me and her Mom but I want her to know to hang in there and don't let a little homesickness ruin horseback rides, making armpit fudge and doing all the other things I was too much of a nerdy shut in to do.

And hey everyone else out there... why not chime in and tell her to be brave?

I love you kid and I'm not afraid to let the whole Internet know.

(And what are you doing reading my blog anyway? This is pure filth! SHAME!)

Book One? All Done! Was it fun?

Well it was fun for me anyway.

And Book Two is actually ready to go as well.

The 5 second fictions are chugging along as well. I have now written one for every year I have spent on this Earth.

(Lets not mention the other planets shall we?)

I am taking next week off and then Book Two starts and let me tell you folks, the trip only gets stranger from here.

Let me know what you thought.

And keep circulation blog- I'll get that reader in North Dakota yet!

5 Second Fiction Forty One

Bad enough he was a cyborg- even worse his name was 'Rusty Johnson'.

5 Second Fiction Forty

Lorelei hated LA- there were too many blondes with empty heads and foolish dreams. It was like an ingenue factory.

5 Second Fiction Thirty Nine

They might have gotten away with it if not for that damn mime with tourettes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

In The Shadow Of His Nemesis chapter eighteen


Thursday November 8th 1996

There was a grinding sound whenever Helen Ginnmett’s Mark Thirty-Five Dissimulation Interface Unit moved. The back of the neck was a tangle of clear tubing and broken ceramic plating. It twitched and paused as it tried to respond to the directives from its biologic locus. Whenever Helen Ginnmett grumbled to herself, her teeth clattered and clicked.

She crawled, one leg dragging stiffly behind her, the other clicked ominously. The simple act of pushing the front door back closed made the remaining skin on her arm tear, microfilements drooled out of the wound. She pulled her cell phone from her pocket. Damaged armatures made her hand jitter and shake; she dropped the phone twice before she managed to hit the fifth speed dial.

“Yes.” She said, her voice fast becoming a metallic whisper, “We need an extraction for 26 Pine Stump Road, 42.7240 by -73.8139.”

A coughing sound distracted her, crawled over to Isobel’s friend to find the woman groaning and slowly drowning in her own blood. Cheryl’s eyes were open but she wasn’t seeing anything.

“How long?” a voice burbled.

Helen Ginnmett raised herself to her kness to see her partner’s biologic locus creeping towards her, where it passed the floor was left smoldering. “Peirs.” She said, “You’re naked.”

“The Cheryl woman. How long does she have?”

“Moments I think, can’t tell exactly. That damned Galen knocked my Retinohypothalamic sensors clear out of my head.”

“I want her processed.”

Helen Ginnmett nodded, it was a painful looking gesture, “May I ask why?”

The thing that played at being Piers Sauno ran a tendril across Cheryl’s leg, the flesh burned and dripped away, “Isn’t it obvious? This woman owed nothing to Galen or our adversaries. She put her life in danger because her best friend told her to. The Monarchs are always on the lookout for that kind of obedience.”

She turned her attention back to the dying woman, a slender needle-like shape slipping from her pinky finger, “Did you hear that guys?” She called into the phone, “Extraction for three.”

End of Book One

Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Second Fiction Thirty Eight

Psychotic Kid knew being tied up was one of the risks of being a super hero. Then one day he realized he kind of liked it

5 Second Fiction Thirty Seven

Jason Magwier wasn't about to go jumping from one rooftop to another, his girlfriend on the other hand...

5 Second Fiction Thirty Six

"What did you do?" Rachel's voice was a whisper.

"What does it look like?" Dr. Flesh said, "I turned him inside out."