Friday, September 9, 2016

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Channel Criswell presents 'David Lynch Elusive Subconscious“,


Just a quick heads up regarding Facebook...

I will no longer be syndicating my blog posts to FaceBook due to multiple complaints over my 'spicer' posts.  Apparently 'And now a moment of beauty 512' which featured a black woman sporting jeans and a handbra that would be perfectly normal for an issue of Cosmopolitan or Rolling Stone is now considered nudity.

Thing is I am not looking for  a FaceBook permaban. FaceBook is my main method of communication with all the awesome people I have met online over the years. Also it appears to be the main way I am alerted to the deaths of my relatives.

So, if you have enjoyed my blogposts and kept track of the new ones via FaceBook why not just subscribe to AL BRUNO'S INTERNET TOMFOOLERY directly? New followers and subscribers always make me feel tingly.

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