Friday, October 29, 2010

CINEMATICAL talks about 'Actors We Miss: Vincent Pride'

No Halloween feels complete without honoring one of horror cinema's favorite gentleman -- the great Vincent Price. The Gothic god's iconic voice, pitch black humor and near elastic, melodramatic expressions served him well through a colorful career not only as one of horror's leading men, but also as an art and antique collector, gourmet cook, quiz show enthusiast, author and ghoulishly delightful raconteur. ..

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('Masque Of The Red Death' remains one of my favorite horror films)

October 30th, 1993

Tomorrow will mark my 17th wedding anniversary- 17 years of love, laughter and the occasional cries of "What the Hell is wrong with you?" Vanessa Bruno is more than ever expected in a wife and sometimes she was far more than I deserved. Since she came into my world she has been the source of every good thing that ever happened to me. 17 years later and I can't imagine anywhere else than by her side.

I may write stories about the ones that got away but thank Heavens this is the one that stayed...


Some stories appropriate to the season-

From The Nick of Time and Other Abrasions

Artifacts and Heirlooms


Angel Hair And Baby’s Breath

From Tales From The Oddside

Granny Panties

The Same Deep Waters As You

Roadside Burials

Sugar-Coated Sacraments

Tater Bugs


A Vision For The Future

Precious Machine

Innocent When You Dream

On A Foggy Night

Burma Shave


Soldier’s Things

Moonlight Lullaby

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me (Read by the author)

Paranormal Empathy

If you enjoyed any of these let me know and be sure to share them with your friends.

Some classic Dave Allen sketches... he still cracks me up

First of all this is appropriate for the season...

Then here is more of his material...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Luckily, Tombs of the Blind Dead was more than a pleasure to watch. And well I mean, you know how the Italian language is pretty close to Spanish? Well the same goes for their films more or less--as several points throughout the film I thought for a minute I saw a flash of Bava. We are immersed into a similar atmosphere where the hollowing wind provides a steady soundtrack, the only difference is that rotting skeletons are the be all, end all of bad guys. Thank God for this movie...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The blog is another year older and so am I!

I'm 43 years old today.


When do I start feeling like a grown up?

Oh well.

Most men deal with their mid-life crisis by getting a sports car and a trophy bride- I got a blog instead. Much less expensive this way.

With that in mind let me thank you all for visiting and reading, it really means a lot to me.

And now for your amusement I present a photo of me from 1995 wearing possibly the most stomach-twistingly bad outfit you can imagine...

What the Hell was I thinking?

Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty

“The Creationist has begun destroying natural history museums,” the Maven said, “once again his modus operandi has evolved.”

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Nineteen

He had enjoyed the thrill of driving in the nude, at least until his car broke down leaving him in public with an exposed manifold.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighteen

He cried havoc several times but the dogs of war just kept sniffing each others butts.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventeen

It was her dream to win the world's record for eating the most ice cream, and after a rocky road her dream came true.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixteen

The senator explained that he was a culture warrior and his being in a rest stop bathroom wearing a ball gag was reconnaissance.

5 Second Fiction One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifteen

A temporal rift sent parts of his spice rack to the future creating a thyme paradox for Rosemary.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

(Recommended Reads) MARIANA'S NEW LOVER by Clive Martyn

I had a good view of her as I walked through the car park. I don’t think I have ever wanted someone so badly. She was beautiful; perhaps east European or Russian. Long dark hair framed her sculptured delicate features, high cheekbones and piercing ice-blue eyes. She was dressed casually but what she wore looked expensive. Her clothes clung to a thin, toned, surgically enhanced body. Everything about her said money, success and power...

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(Recommended Reads) THE ART OF LISTENING by Laura Eno

“Did you remember to shut the windows in the back of the house? I can still feel a breeze.”

“I’ll get them in a little while. I’m listening to the game.”

“Do you hear that? It sounds like someone’s screaming...

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