Saturday, November 30, 2013

Have you met my new co-writer?

This is Rocky the Boid... I bought him for my missus but he decided I'm the only person he wants anything to do with.


I'm having a birdie bromance!

I've asked before and I'm asking again. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT KEYBOARD PLAYER OLIVIA???

24 days until the final appearance of the 11th Doctor!


It's mere weeks until Matt Smith bids a fond farewell to Doctor Who but we couldn't let him go without one final hurrah – and a Radio Times cover, of course. This week's magazine marks Matt's 13th appearance on the cover as the Doctor, matching the record held by his predecessor, David Tennant. And just in time for the arrival of the 13th Doctor. Neat, eh?

(Recommended Reads) Check out John Kenneth Muir's musings on the movie PHANTASM (my favorite horror film btw.)

In some fashion direct or indirect, all horror films grapple with the ultimate human fear, mortality. But Don Coscarelli’s landmark 1979 horror Phantasm is a film veritably obsessed with the cessation of life, and also the terrible grief that accompanies death for those left behind on this mortal coil..

The Shadow meets the Doctor? Oh SUPER-TEAM FAMILY...


High school crush time… Suddenly Jane Wiedlin! SUDDENLY JANE WIEDLINEVERYWHERE!

I had a crush on her then, I have a crush on her now, I'll probably have a crush on her forever...
From her website.

Be sure to visit her Facebook page.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A special thank you to Sam Hunt: writer, artist and all around Renaissance man.

He helped me out with the design for 'the Sign of Ninazu' and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Visit his website ! Read his books! Peruse his art! Send him erotic poetry in Klingon!




THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE startled him awake, but instead of his bed, he was underwater. Lucidity came at him from every angle, a silent flock of doves converging on his confusion, and brought him to a diamond clarity. A dark and subtle landscape of undulating blue, red, and green materialized from the nothing-world that was his slumber, and the cold water threatened to take his breath away. Somehow he'd gone fromhis bedroom to the brook out back, and shot in the neck somewhere between the two...




WHEN MIKE ELLINGTON WOKE up, he was naked and couldn't move. Not that he was paralyzed--he could feel the cold surface of the table against his back--but he was wrapped in a ton of Christmas lights. His own lights, he realized as he angled his head to look at his bonds. He had been bound to the dining room table with his own damn Christmas lights, the green cords looping over and over and over around his legs, midsection, and arms until he was completely immobilized...




"VERY GOOD, BLANCO," I SAID, praising my subject. I held up another card, this one with a picture of a Bengal tiger on it. He leaned closer, and I could hear his eyes focus more precisely on the card. He seemed to be processing it, and then said, "It is an image of a tiger."...


Why? I'll tell you why!

I apologize in advance for this one...


I bet this brought a tear to every MSTie's eye yesterday!

Joel I was proud to be able to shake your hand recently...

I've always wanted to write a story based on this tune but I've never been able to get one off the ground.

BUZZFEED shares Reddit stories of Black Friday mayhem!