Friday, March 4, 2016

Is it a creepy toy or a baby Calvin?


Created by screenwriter Alan Ormsby (1943 – ) — also an actor and author of the book Movie Monsters — Hugo the Man of a Thousand Faces was released in 1975, and came complete with a cloak, wig, glasses, and more. 

In particular, he came with hair and facial accessories that could be attached to his visage courtesy of a “non-toxic glue” that, as memory serves, nonetheless smelled funny. 

One could attach different chins, eye-pieces, eyebrows, mustaches, scars and side-burns to Hugo’s face, and if you were so inclined you could even add those accessories to your own face instead of the puppet’s. You could, according to the marketing “create villains, funny faces, scary faces,” and even “pirate faces..."

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