Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We are (kinda sorta) getting a new PHANTASM film!





Here are a few more details on the Phantasm: Ravager courtesy of Phantasm Archives and Shock Till You Drop, and it might not all be what you wanted to hear… Firstly, and most dishearteningly – Don Coscarelli is NOT the writer and director of this film. These duties have instead been taken by artist David Hartman. It seems the film is already in the can, having been filmed “little by little since 2008,” and was initially entitled Reggie’s Tales. All the series regulars will appear - including, this time, Kathy Lester (the original movie’s Lady in Lavender) - and it was all shot in Reggie Bannister’s hometown Crestline, CA. All this makes it sound to me less like a bona fide Phantasm movie than a spin-off/fan film (particularly given that, when I spoke to Coscarelli barely two months ago, he gave no indication that anything Phantasm-related was in the works at that point)… but hey, Phantasm: Oblivion was largely constructed around deleted scenes from the first film, so it wouldn’t be the first time the series built a movie on an unconventional foundation...

Attention Marvel and DC, listen to SUPER-TEAM FAMILY! Beta-Ray Bill and Tomar-Re should have an ongoing series!