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If you think you can explain what is going on in the town of Scarfolk... DON'T!




...The campaign's mascot was called Kak the bird. To disseminate the 'Don't' message among the youth, all school corporal punishment, daily vaccinations, and dentistry had to be carried out by an adult dressed as Kak.

Parents were also encouraged to dress as Kak then rush in on their young, sleeping children, and screech as loud as they could, "Don't, don't, don't." 

This just in: Brian Blessed has gone stark raving mad!



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Finally! The open world fully customizable super hero game I've been dreaming of is here... and it's SAINT'S ROW 4????

This looks amazing!




Oh Hell! Things are getting crazy in BROODHOLLOW again!

From the webcomic

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'll let the Beatles tell you how I feel... SING IT boys!

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RETROSPACE reviews the very strange movie DEADLY FRIEND


Note: This review contains spoilers.  Here's the first spoiler - Deadly Friend is the most batshit crazy movie I have ever seen.  Wes Craven has disowned it, claiming it started out as a worthy project and disintegrated into a blinding mess of historic proportions.  Multiple producers and multiple changes before and after test audiences booed it, turned this would-be family friendly fantasy movie into a schizoid bii-polar mess that is crazier than a shit-house rat.

But it's not crazy in good way - like say Dr. Strangelove.  No, it's the bad kind of crazy - the kind where you wish you'd done something productive with yourself instead of wasting your life watching movies like Deadly Friend.  But, given the fact that it is among the most insanely awful movies I've ever seen in four plus decades of life, I felt I had to share...



To read the rest click here

(Kickstarter) My friend and and frequent collaborator Francis James Hogan has created an RPG for kids!

You have probably noticed Mr. Hogan's artwork all over this blog of mine. I think his Kickstarter concept is worth your time and attention...

Adventure Maximus! is a role playing game designed with kids in mind. As a parent, we want to get our kids involved in the same games we play but sometimes our games are not 'kid friendly'. The sad reality is most RPGs on the market today are not geared for children, just us older gamers. But how do we get the young ones into the hobby that we grew up on? 

Well we make a game for them! 

Adventure Maximus! is a game where kids can easily create a character, plan and run adventures, find treasures and be heroes of their imagination. Adventure Maximus! inspires creativity, problem solving and provides quality face time with other human beings rather than staring into computer screens all with the help of dice and cards (by using dice and cards it gives the kids that extra toy value to keep them at the table).

My video blog review for THE PIT (1981)

From my YOUTUBE page

To all the people I do this to, I'm sorry...



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Thanks to PLAID STALLIONS we now know where James Bond villains shop...

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Help crowdfund MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE the puppet musical!

from i09


You probably haven't seen Manos: The Hands of Felt, a theatrical puppet musical based on one of the most legendarily awful films ever made — it's been performed around the U.S., but not often and not everywhere. But you have a chance to fix this egregious error by crowdfunding an official DVD release! This isn't a "will this project ever happen?"-type thing; the musical has been around since 2011; it's done, and they're going to film an upcoming production. They just want to be able to put it on DVD so people who haven't been able to see the show live get a chance to watch it, and they just need some capital to make it happen.



To donate click here...


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(This is also NUTS...) The man with the man with the 130 pound testicle is going to be all right now.





A man whose scrotum swelled to weigh more than 130lb has spoken of his relief after he had most of removed via surgery.

Wesley Warren Jr.,from Las Vegas, drew international attention last year for the mass that made his day-to-day life a nightmare.


But he is now recovering after a team of surgeons in California led by Dr Joel Gelman spent nearly 13 hours operating on the 48-year-old for free...

This Is NUTS! (part one)





Are there really monsters UNDER THE BED? Watch the trailer and find out!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Get your scream on with the new trailer for THE CONJURING



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The Cold Inside (a serial novel) Chapter Twenty-five part three

The Cold Inside
Chapter Twenty-five
part three

Tuesday December 20, 1994

“You mother tells me you have exams this week Has that been stressful for you?” Dr. Butterfield gazed out from the depths of his chair, notebook and pen on his bony lap.

“In a way… kinda.” Tristam sighed. All he could do now was think about Drew, about the way some of his friends had looked at him. The Cold Inside felt pent up, ready to burst. Tristam was afraid of what might happen if he really let go.

Well we all know what happened the last time don't we?

“Tristam? Tristam? Are you listening to me?”

“Oh. Sorry.” He knew that annoyed tone all to well. Too much of it and Dr. Butterfield might take his mother aside and start whispering suggestions. Suggestions that seemed to be designed to drain all the joy from Tristam's life. “It was just. I was wondering if I could ask you something.”

Dr. Butterfield picked up his pen and looked hopeful, “Well if it sheds any light on what has you so preoccupied please ask away.”

“My old friends turned on me. My new friends don't really trust me. It turns out the girl I had a crush on gave head to half the boys in my damn school. My Mom is a friggin' basket case and don't tell me you can't tell- if you can’t you should turn your damn diploma in. And my Dad? My Dad doesn't listen to me, he just waits for me to finish speaking.”

 “Your perceptions are colored by your feelings Tristam. Most adolescents have a pretty bleak outlook, you're not alone.”

“I think we're all alone, but that's not my point, that's not what I'm trying to say. What I'm trying to say is that sometimes I see the world as good guys and bad guys and sometimes I see the world as the weak and the strong. I don't know which view is right anymore and I don't know what I am. Am I weak? Am I bad? And what are you?”

Dr. Butterfield paused to gather his thoughts, it was the most his patient has ever said in a session. He opened his mouth to speak- 

-There was a twinge of discomfort as Tristam's spirit swept Dr. Butterfield's consciousness aside and took control. For a moment it was as though he was staring through the eyeholes of a mask but a breath later he felt the warm weight of flesh and blood congeal around him. Tristam stared at his own body slumped in its high-backed leather chair. Looking at yourself from the outside was different than a reflection, mirrors twisted and cheated, feeding the viewers' insecurities and vanities.

Drew was right. I am a handsome devil.

Letting the pen and paper slip from Dr. Butterfield's hands, he stood uncertainly. This body was taller than his own and it took him a moment to find his center of gravity. He paced the room for a few moments; then he riffled through Dr. Butterfield’s desk and papers but found nothing even remotely scandalous or interesting. So much for the old saw of psychiatrists being more screwed up than their patients.

That meant blackmail was out. He'd hoped to find something he could use for leverage, something to force Dr. Butterfield to sign off that his patient was fully sane and no longer a threat to pets and livestock.

“Oh well.” He reached into Dr. Butterfield's back pocket and went through the man's wallet, shaking his head disapprovingly at the photos of his wife and children. “Come on Doc, you can do better than that.”

His inflections sounded odd coming from someone else's voice but somehow that made this all the more fun. It was like listening to your voice after inhaling helium, it was you but it wasn't you.

The thought occurred, If Phil's watching he's going to shit a damn brick.

And of course that was right. Phil didn’t want anything to jeopardize his master plan.

But what about my master plan?

Who am I kidding? I wish I had a master plan.

Shrugging to himself he pulled a pair of hundreds out of the wallet and stuffed them into his sleeping body's breast pocket.

“This is so weird.” He chuckled while he glanced at the clock; the session had less than ten minutes left. It was time to put things back in order. He retrieved the pen and notepad and sat Dr. Butterfeld's body back down in the elaborate chair. Tristam eased his spirit out of the other man's skull and leapt back into his own flesh-

-“Well what I think is…” Dr. Butterfield trailed off, looking confused. He straightened in his chair, “What I think is…”

“Yes?” Tristam asked with feigned interest, “I’m waiting…” 

The truth about gay marriage from George Takei...

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BLEEDING COOL brings us the super silhouettes of Steve Garcia.








Meanwhile at GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS the shit's about to get real...

BROODHOLLOW gives us the adventures of a boy and his bat!

PLAID STALLIONS presents a Dynamic Duo

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An educational interlude...

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