Thursday, November 10, 2016

GONE & FORGOTTEN remembers Lady Fairplay- because no one else does!


“At the request of the brilliant scientist, Professor Amazo, Mary Lee, modest young school teacher, undergoes an experiment which transforms her into a slim, beautiful creature with unlimited energetic powers. Seeking an outlet for these unnatural changes, Mary assumes the role of Lady Fairplay, goddess of chastisement and dreaded foe of the underworld” 

 That is officially a tall order, PLUS it sounds like it was written by a guy who gets turned on by horses, but she nonetheless pulls it off with some aplomb. Schoolteacher Mary Lee fits into the tried-and-true Superman mold, masquerading as a meek and timid character during the day until trouble calls, and then dashing off to battle injustice in a costumed identity. The big difference is that Lady Fairplay endangers children along the way!

FLASHBAK has monsters and hotpants but thankfully no monsters IN hotpants!


This could change the course of politics forever!

And now an update on the state of my nation...