Saturday, March 7, 2009

oh and before I forget...

Keep circulating the blog!

Show it to your friends and relatives and for God's sake show it to and English instructor because I have; no idea how to use; a semi colon.


Day of the Deadly Do-Over

Hey folks... I'm just tingering around with the layout of Heartbreak with Monsters. I figured since the thing was so darn long I would try to break it up into parts like the other longer stories are here... sorry no new material to share today...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Wrap Up

1.) Pick Your Nightmares Carefully

Last night I had a dream that I was wandering the streets of downtown Albany, much like I did back in my early twenties. Most the the landmarks of that era of my life are gone now - QE2, Fantaco, Quintessence, Midnight Comics.

Of course dreams make up their own geographies so there I was again, wandering around late at night with my friends Wayne and Adam. It was a pleasant dream and a nostalgic one.

Then the sound began, a hollow piping that seemed to bleed out of nowhere. At first we ignored it, we were too busy making snarky comments and plans for a three AM breakfast at Dennys.

But the sound pursed us, it grew stronger drowning out the sounds of the street and the pulsing music of QE2. I tried to make a wisecrack about the daemon fluting that lulls Azathoth into sleep but the high pitched sound swallowed my voice.

And I ran, leaving my friends behind and bolting across Central Avenue, heading for the park. Lost in the logic of the dream world I sought to lose myself in the dark and shadows there but how can you hide from a sound, a sound that pursues you relentlessly. A sound that seems to bear down upon you like a physical thing?

I awoke with a kind of relief, just like the old cliche it had all been a dream.

But the sound was still there and my heart started racing again. Was this one of those dreaded double wake ups?

No. I was awake and the sound was there with me.

In me. In my skull.

It was a whistling booger.

Funny I know but at least this was a nightmare I could squelch easily, all I needed was one finger.

2.) There's No Business Like Snow Business

I am still trying to make sure all installments of In The Shadow Of His Nemesis are ready to go before I start work on anything else but this week made it hard to get anything done at all.

It was the snow, snow that caused two days of school cancellations and a two hour delay the next. It left my wife and I scrambling to alter our work schedules to accommodate this sudden need for child care. We did pretty well overall I think but it left my writing schedule in a shambles.

But any time I get to spend a few extra hours with my daughter is great so I have no complaints, we talked, made some drawings and played some Wii Golf.

And I beat her at it IN YOUR FACE KIDDO!!!!!

Sorry but I just wanted to let you all know out there that I haven't abandoned my tales of my shady past and of Star Wars fans fighting zombies.

3.) Happy Birthday

This week saw my daughter Rebecca and my brother Josh have their birthdays this week. So I decided to let the whole damn Internet know how much I love them and how great it is they have their whole lives ahead of them.

And don't forget that I might need one of your kidneys soon OK?

4.) The Sweet Sting Of Bromance

Speaking of making unwanted announcements to cyberspace (Do they still call the Internet that?) I thought I would mention that my pal Love Boat (Not his real name.) moved back to New York recently and you know what?

He was my best friend and I never realized. He has been part of my life for 15 years and I never told him that. Then again us men folk rarely mention such things anyway.

Well I am saying it now. Godspeed Love Boat, I will see you online but you will be missed.

5.) Let The Right One In

I just finished reading John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Let The Right One In. Now I have raved and raved about the film but let me now tell you the novel is a different animal in many ways but it is just as awesome. This book is a keeper folks, it won't wind up at the used bookstore until well after my death. Read it if you get a chance.

I think that is just about everything for now as my old man likes to say catch ya later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This week I have been snowed in, yelled at, set back and the damn dog tried to attack be while me and the missus were trying to enjoy a little 'quality time' (Actually I call it 'quality time', she calls it 'get this drooling idiot off me!')

But regardless of that, I now have cause for joy because the latest Cinematic Titanic is coming out March!

This time that have chosen to shine their comic brilliance upon the horror film Blood of the Vampires.

Here is the teaser trailer for it. I laughed till I cried. (I cried because I can't afford to order the damn thing until next week!)

If you aren't enjoying these DVDs yet do yourself a favor and order them- better these guys get your hard earned cash than Michael Bay.

Now if you want to give your cash to me...