Saturday, May 27, 2017



The trailer for WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND will give you a sinking feeling...

You need to watch this video. Why? THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Gillian Anderson as David Bowie? And now I have another fetish...

Some more comic covers for ya...

So what do you think of Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn

GONE & FORGOTTEN catches Jaguar Man!

...Murray Mane, secret identity of the mighty Jaguar(man), is also a zookeeper. Now, you wouldn't think there's a lot of crime and evil to fight at the zoo, except for when kids pound on the glass at the penguin exhibit or a bear gets loose and mauls everyone at the corn dog stand -- but you'd be wrong! I think! Because there's only one Jaguar appearance and there's only one crime going on at the zoo! 

Some crooks who've recently stolen what appears to be a baseball of "atomic radium" (I have no other idea what other kinds of radium there are, but let's assume "non-atomic" and "not-all-that-atomic" are potential variants) decide to hide the loot by hucking it into the jaguar cage at the zoo. This is their idea of a good way of getting the safely hidden in case they're searched by the cops, and also maybe a good way to give the jaguar leukemia...

This was one of my favorite boardgames back in the day. (But THE AWFUL GREEN THINGS FROM OUTER SPACE is still the best ever.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

And now some Doctor Who comic covers!

Would Brandon Tenold rather be trapped in a spaceship with an alien xenomorph and Klaus Kinski? Watch and find out!

TheDevilsInterval presents "3 Knocks"

MrCreepyPasta presents "The Whispered Fears of Wayward Boys" by C.K. Walker

More from MapleCreepyPasta!

And now a seven minute teaser for WYRMWOOD: CHRONICLES OF THE DEAD...

Rest In Peace Roger Moore

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is one of my favorite Bond films.


Some Red Sonja covers!

Кто выпустил собак??

A television anchor for the Russian news channel Mir24 got a big surprise when a big black dog unexpectedly crawled out from under the desk while she was giving an on-air report. While the stunned newscaster seemed not to know what to do with the canine interloper, she gave him an awkward pat on the head while exclaiming to her audience that she is “actually a cat person!” who “loves cats.”

WE HATE MOVIES examines Ninja III: The Domination!


On this week's episode, it's another entry in the already defunct Patreon Select series—it's Ninja III: The Domination! In one of the wildest films to come out of the Cannon Group, this movie features amazing elements like golf course massacres, exploding helicopters, ninja possessions, insane exorcisms, haunted arcade machines, terrible detectives, hot tub threeways, and more! PLUS: The absolute most disgusting sex scene the guys have encountered to date!