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Have I mentioned that the bird is still the word?

Friday, February 27, 2015

CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS presents "Suicide Watch" by E. Matthews


Rest In Peace Leonard Nimoy. Where would my childhood have been without you?

OTIS JIRY'S CREEPYPASTA CRYPT presents "Home" by Jeffrey Ebright


Elliott Gould versus Predator? The guys from WE HATE MOVIES are at it again!

On this episode, the gang takes apart the dull-as-dirt Michael Keaton ghost movie, White Noise! How famous does an author have to be before getting their disappearance covered on national news? Why doesn't Michael Keaton's character immediately call the cops on this EVP "expert"? And were they serious with that construction worker? PLUS: A major show development is revealed...

Monday, February 23, 2015

DARK CORNERS REVIEW meets SLUGS THE MOVIE (warning naked tushies and killer mullets!)


The trailer for THE BARN is so 80s!


Don't forget ZOMBEAVERS is coming to VOD on March 20th!


Knitrocious has the knit garments of your nightmares!


The Cold Inside (a serial novel) Chapter Forty-Seven part three

The Cold Inside
Chapter Forty-Seven
part three

Thursday January 26, 1995

“So tell me my ersatz apprentice,” the boy held the slender blade to Gawain Wight’s throat. “What were you about to do, eh?”

“I don’t know.”

The skyline around them seemed to twist and quake, as though the world they saw beyond the holes in the penthouse walls were just murals painted on a windswept sheet. The boy knelt on Gawain’s arms, pinning him a few feet away from where the Hanged Man had fallen. 

Pam had regained consciousness; she made a groan of protest and pulled at her manacles. Gawain tried not to look at her, he tried to remind himself that since day one of his relationship with Carol Bloom she had treated him as an intruder. He told himself he owed her nothing.

“No you don’t do you?” The boy said. “Or are you hiding something from me? For a bureaucrat you have a profoundly oblique mind.”

Once, two marriages ago, Gawain had gone to Howe Caverns. He had taken the guided tour into the caves. At first it had been fascinating but about halfway through the trip he had started to become acutely aware of how absolutely surrounded by rock he was. The feeling became oppressive, there was no escaping the rock that rose up around him on all sides and hung down over his head. Gawain felt that way now; loomed over and pressed down.

But not by the boy- by his masters. How close were they now? How ready were they to tear aside the illusions that surrounded this building and reveal themselves?

“I imagine this is the closest attention you’ve ever paid to your son.” The boy said, “What was he to you? An unplanned error? A nod to vanity? When I gaze upon you I...”

No wait. Gawain realized. Not just the Monarchs. Something else, something cold.

With a swipe of the knife the boy left Gawain’s cheek bleeding, “I said pay attention!”

“Whatever you want.” Gawain said, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

The boy climbed off the older man and led him across the creaking floorboards and ruined carpet to the altar. Once again the boy pressed the needle-like blade into the Pharos Agent’s hand.

Pam’s voice was hollow, “Please don’t...”

“I’m sorry.” Gawain raised the blade, aiming for the mark that had been made in her abdomen.

The boy smiled in anticipation.

And Gawain Wight struck, lashing out with the full force of his mind. Every trick he knew, every curse he’d ever stolen was at the ready. He tore at the boy’s spirit only to have the attacks swatted aside.

To Gawain’s horror he felt his own mind and body invaded, he felt the boy take control. He was reduced to a helpless passenger in his own flesh. His mind and soul railed against the confinement but there was nothing he could do but watch as his arm brought the blade down.

There was a noise like the sound of a candle being snuffed. A shock of pain worked its way up Gawain’s arm. Blood pooled and ran from Pamela’s midsection. She was screaming, twisting on the altar in agony and loss but her voice was fading. And along with her voice, she was fading. The color was ebbing from her body. Breath by breath she was becoming a shadow, an outline.

A peal of alien thunder set the penthouse shaking. “They’re coming,” the boy said reverently.

If you see only one Kaiju-themed PMS anthem music video this year - THIS IS THE ONE TO SEE!


Thanks everyone for everything. We might not have made it without you.

Just wanted to let you all know I am retiring my GoFundMe account. The family is in a much better place now. Things aren't perfect but we aren't having to worry about evictions and pawn shops. Fingers crossed things are going to stay that way too.

To everyone out there, I am so damn grateful for what you've done.

VICTORIA is an action scene filmed in one take. ONE TAKE!


The trailer for JUNE - a coming of rage story (nice tagline!)


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FROZEN meets THE THING? Woah...



Teenage Ass Rammers
Al Bruno III

From a reel to reel tape found in the basement of St. Elizabeth’s church…


I never told anyone the whole story but I'll tell you because confession is a sacrament in your church and you guys can’t tell anyone what you hear. It doesn’t even matter if I’m part of your congregation or not. I just need to tell someone. Secrets can make you lonely sometimes.

The night it happened it was me and Jim and Colleen and Harry. We were driving back from Vermont, Jim had a car and Harry knew a store that would sell beers to teenagers. It was in the middle of nowhere and they didn't ask for ID or anything. Since we had all been drinking Jim was taking the back roads, it was all farms and woods and no cops. No traffic at all most nights.

The moon was out and it was bright red. I was in the backseat with Harry, I had my feet out the window and my head was in his lap. Not in a disgusting way, I was just resting it there watching the moon chase us. Jim and Colleen were arguing about what CD they were going to play next. They wanted to get married after graduation but everyone thought their taste in music would break them up by the prom. Grind core and hip hop just don't mix. 

I think that's why Harry asked me out, he figured that since I was best friends with Colleen that I would automatically do the stuff she did. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m saving myself for marriage but I’m no prude either. There are other ways to keep your sweetheart happy- if you know what I mean.

Oh God. Did I really say that? I must sound so stupid and gross but it’s kind of part of the story. I want you to know Colleen was a good girl, that she died in a clean state.

We were going around a blind turn when we hit something. It was something alive. No, I didn't see exactly how it happened because of the way I was lying down  but I heard everything. There was this loud noise, it wasn't a horn honking or brakes squealing, it was like a shout or a laugh. Everyone started to scream. The car skidded and started to tip over but then it didn't. I fell forward and Harry fell on me. My ankle hit the corner of the window I had my foot out of. Then there was the sound of a crash but it wasn't the way you'd think a car accident would sound. It was way quieter. Or maybe the sound of my ankle breaking was just way louder to me.

Everything stopped. The car's engine hissed and went out. One headlight was still on.  Then everyone started yelling. I was freaking out from the pain. Harry was freaking out from the way my foot was all flopped over to the side. Jim was freaking out over his car. And Colleen was freaking out because Jim hadn’t been looking where he was going.

It hurt to move but I had to climb off of Harry and I wanted to be sitting up, I wanted to see what was going on. There wasn't much to see though, the windshield was like a spiderweb.

First Colleen got out of the car, then Harry, then Jim. I wasn't going anywhere. They all stood there in front of the car looking at whatever it was. I yelled, “What is it?”

“A mule!” Harry called back, “We hit a mule!”

“It's a donkey.” Colleen said. 

“A mule is a donkey!”

“What the Hell does that matter?” Jim sounded like he was ready to cry, “Look what it did to my car!”

Harry said, “I think it's dead.”

Then they all started yelling at each other again. I tried to call 911 but my phone had no power. I told Harry to make the call but Jim freaked, he didn’t want to get in trouble.  Colleen tried to tell him it was too late to worry about that.

Four men walked out of the tall cornfield on the one side of the road. I figured they’d be rednecks but when one of them spoke he had this really weird accents. “What have you done?” he said.

The four men walked past Colleen and Harry and Jim and stood in front of the car. I couldn’t see them clearly because of how the windshield was cracked but I think they were wearing really tall hats. They started talking fast, most of it didn’t make much sense except that they said a word that sounded like ‘Adderall’ a lot.

It was weird, I mean sure Adderall does get you wicked high but I couldn't see why those weirdoes were asking for it.

Besides There was something about the way they were acting that made me scrunch down in the back seat and stay quiet. I heard Colleen ask “Was it your mule?”

Then they shot her. Boom! I’m glad I didn’t see it happen. I think I would have gone really crazy instead of just sort of crazy. Harry tried to run and they shot him in the back three times. Boom! Boom! Boom! Jim was the last one left, he said “But it was an accident.”


I didn’t think I was crying, I thought I was being quiet but one of the men in the tall hats noticed me and dragged me out of the car by my hair. All I wanted to do was run away but you can’t run with a broken foot and anyway they had guns didn’t they?

The guy with the tallest hat kept picking me up and throwing me back down. He called me names and said we’d ruined everything, that we should never have been out here on this road. Everything hurt. All of them stood around me in a circle. I knew for sure they were gonna stomp me to death or worse and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I remember that I thought to myself that it would seem really brave to them if I didn’t try to crawl away.

That was when someone laughed. It wasn’t any of the men in the tall hats, they were too mad, and all my friends were dead. It was someone else. 

The laugh was loud and weird, it made me think of fireworks and petting zoos and after a few seconds it turned into a voice,  “Oh ye of little faith.”

I could only see by the one headlight that was left but I know what I saw. The mule stood up. It stood all the way up going from four legs to two. It went from being an animal to a man, a mule-man that was way too tall and had a stretched out head. 

The men in the tall hats dropped to their knees and started praying but the mule-man wasn’t having any of it. He stomped them to death with his big mule hooves and they never even tried to run away. Maybe they thought they were being brave too.

After that I’m not sure what happened next. I remember being picked up and carried away. I remember thinking I was so far from the ground that I might be able to touch the moon.

Next thing I knew I was waking up in a hospital bed. My whole family was there, it was just like the movies when the main character lives even though they’re not supposed to. There were a lot of questions but I told everyone I didn’t remember anything.

I’ll always remember the words I heard that night. Especially all the times I thought they said ‘Adderall’.

But now I think they were saying ‘Adramelech’. Big difference huh? I read online that Adramelech is some kind of a devil. In some of the drawings he has a head kind of like a mule 

We didn’t hit an animal. I think maybe it hit us. It picked us out and the men in the tall hats were jealous.

I think it has big plans for me.

No. It’s not like that at all. I’m not pregnant with some devil-baby.

At least not yet.

I told you, I’m saving myself for marriage.

CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS presents "Always" by Dodger Sullivan

CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS presents "Home" by Jeffrey Ebright


I just came across Kevin Maguire's take on the 12 Doctors over at BLEEDING COOL. It is awesome people- AWESOME!


MISSY'S BACK! (And she's still bad!)

In the trailer for THE GRACEFIELD INCIDENT a guy imbeds a video camera in his skull- then things get weird...