Friday, May 8, 2009

My blood type must be typo negative

I just looked over my new story posting and found typos on the first and last line.

It's fixed now but I am sorry.

Meanwhile let's share the least appropriate song for Mother's Day ever.

A little story for the weekend, hope you like it.

I actually think that Canadian Girlfriend is some of my better work.

Your millage varies of course.

Let me know what you thought and Keep Circulating the Blog!

Well another week has come and gone...

...and between you and me and the lampost this has been one of the worst weeks this year. A combination of sleepless nights, bleary days and a creative lull have left me wanting to do nothing more with my Saturday than sleep in.

Still though here are my favorite blog posts of the week...

While the comic strip Lovecraft Is Missing is on hiatus they have been giving us nice articles here and there about the pulps, movie serials and Lovecraftian artwork. The link above is for a nice selection of Lovecraft inspired art.

Cinema Du Meep writes about 1983's Curtains one of the few slasher flicks I ever found truly memorable.

I recently rewatched the Hammer Frankenstein films in order so I really enjoyed Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog's write up of Frankenstien And The Monster From Hell.

Do you like giant monsters and semi-naked jungle girls? If you answered yes then Teleport City's review of Mighty Peiking Man is just the link for you!

Gunaxin has a list of 14 Bizarre Movies Everyone Should See I am proud to say I have seen most of them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009