Saturday, July 2, 2016

TALES FROM THE ODDSIDE - a world of uneasy laughter and ridiculous nightmares

Enter a world of uneasy laughter and ridiculous nightmares

THE NIGHT BLOGGER - stalking a world of secrets and nightmares...

"My name is Brian Foster and some people call me The Night Blogger..."

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THE BINDER OF SHAME - totally true made up gaming stories

The Rants
Uncensored, Unforgettable and Uncorrected

2002 was the year I first started to post stories for the amusement of others. (Aside from that shameful X-FILES fan fiction of course.) I began with these gaming anecdotes that I shared on the forums of, a relatively safe haven for me at the time. They were strange little tales told in a kind of screenplay format that I used when I sketched out story dialogue.

The first one was pretty simple but as they went on they became more and more grandiose but they were raw and fun little bits of humor. I never bothered to proofread the things or set up any real kind of coherence or internal continuity- although snippets of these tales do show up in PRICE BEAKS AND HEARTACHES.

I'm posting them to the blog so I can add them to version of THE BINDER OF SHAME I keep here. I will do the first two today and then set up one a week until they're all there.

I've moved on a lot since I first created them but many of the folks that first came to know me through them are still reading my work now and they still keep finding new readers all the time.

If you have no idea what I am talking about prepare to be amazed, amused and offended.

And be warned these stories appear exactly as I did when I posted them on the forums. I haven't tried to edit them for fear of diluting their raw power.

Also I'm pretty damn lazy...

The Binder of Shame 
The Second Edition

More of Calvin's Captions!

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool

The joy of following @BillCorbett on Twitter is all the humor, the horror is that he sometimes posts pictures like THIS!

Michael Cimino has passed away so here's The Cinema Snob's epic review of HEAVEN'S GATE.


If you think you are going to hurt yourself please get help from one of the resources below. You are not alone.

It was one year ago today...

...that my nephew Blake killed himself. He was only 18 years old.

Throughout his growing up he and I would fall into each other's orbits and back out again. Those times we spent together were always brief- that's just the dynamics of my family- but I knew him and I loved him.

He was a gentle soul- I know that term is a cliche but that's the truth of it. If you met him I am sure you would have thought the same thing.

If you ask me this sad old world is just a little sadder without him in it.

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New shows available the 1st and 15th of every month! Be sure to start from Sammy's first show (May 1st, 2015) to stay up to date with all your King Falls favorites.

Variant covers for Harley Quinn issue #1!


Rest In Peace Robin Hardy director of THE WICKER MAN (1973)

When discussing influential British horror, The Wicker Man from 1973 is one film that is inevitably mentioned. It’s with a heavy heart that we report its director, Robin Hardy, has died at the age of 86...

What not to say in the bedroom.


THE BATMAN by Big Mike (a.k.a. quasilucid)