Friday, July 15, 2011

Look, I don't know how your day is going but I could use a song by Kate Bush right now.


Disney and Depp remaking THE NIGHT STALKER seems like a good fit. I saw the original television movie when I was 5 years old and let me tell you Carl Kolchak was one of my childhood heroes, way before I became a frothing at the mouth Whovian. I loved every episode of the series, now matter how cheesy, I loved the humor and the scares. In fact I still do.

I think a THE NIGHT STALKER remake could be terrific, a good does of PG/PG-13 scares just like the original. But the writers and producers will have to avoid the mistakes that were made by the failed NIGHT STALKER remake TV series of a few years ago;

1.) Carl Kolchak is not a badass. He is clever, tenacious and has the kind of bravery of a man with his back against the wall. He's a clumsier Fox Mulder or a more exasperating Frank Black. He gets the job done but nearly pees his pants every second of the way. Carl Kolchak is just like us.

2.) Any NIGHT STALKER film should have witty dialogue. Carl Kolchak should be funny, the kind of verbal slapstick you found in the dialogue of the original GHOSTBUSTERS film. Kolchak gets in arguments with everyone because he knows he's right, those arguments should be hysterical.

Then again I am a forty year old unpublished writer, what the Hell do I know?

Monday, July 11, 2011

More MIN/max madness!

(Insane News) Man accidentally shoots himself while firing point blank at a target.

THE TROLL HUNTER was a delight!

I have heard this referred to a horror film but I don't really think it is that. It really is more of a dark fairy tale. The kind of story Neil Gaiman might write in between bouts of making sweet sweet love to Amanda Palmer. (Lucky bastard!)

Anyway, this movie is a lot of fun, it is done in the style of CLOVERFIELD but this was just so much weirder that it appealed to me more.

Check it out if you can.