Friday, August 26, 2016

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"Blood Mania isn't a slasher or a cheesy gross-out gorefest. It's a Skinemax film noir," FILM VERDICTs is goddamn right!


Blood Mania. You might think this would be a slasher film filled with all manner of gratuitous violence and gory special effects. Or maybe you'd think it's a lesser known movie from the collection of a notorious b-movie auteur like Herschell Gordon Lewis or Roger Corman. Or maybe you'd think it sounds like a ditzy Troma horror-comedy chock full of gross-out gags. Whatever you're thinking, you're wrong. 

Blood Mania begins with a woman in a sheer nightie running through a dark... alley? Suburb? Forest? I'm not really sure what she was running through. I only know it was definitely dark, except when garish colored lights were aimed at her ample bosom. Occasionally, we cut to a man's grim face as he walks through the same alley or suburb or forest. And just when it looks like things are about to get interesting... end scene. 

The film cuts to an elderly doctor waking up, implying that the entire opening scene was his dream. He's bedridden due to a heart condition and being cared for by his daughter Victoria, who's so clearly a bitch that she might as well have "bitch" tattooed on her left butt cheek. She clearly doesn't have any such tattoo, though, because we see plenty of her tush on display throughout the rest of the movie. 

We then see the doctor's doctor, a younger gent named Dr. Cooper who has a hot wife whose tush we also get to witness. But this younger doctor is in a bit of a financial bind. He's being blackmailed by someone asking for $50,000 not to reveal his secret: that he performed abortions to finance his way through medical school. Oh, if only there was some bitchy woman due to inherit her rich father's legacy whom he could take advantage of. 

That's right. Blood Mania isn't a slasher or a cheesy gross-out gorefest. It's a Skinemax film noir, made well before Skinemax existed and well after the film noir genre declined in popularity. Why would anyone make such a film, so out of place for its time? The answer becomes clear when you realize that the writer, producer and star of the film are all the same person: Peter Carpenter. And Peter very obviously likes rubbing against naked ladies, because he does it a lot in this movie...

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