Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Malcom McDowell the Devil or just a normal Hollywood agent?

13 comic covers! Isn't that lucky?

Truly this is the stuff of nightmares...

Thursday, July 13, 2017




Yet another bunch of comic covers!

GOFUNDME - "I fought the law and the law was pretty exasperated with me."

Ness is getting stronger and stronger, she is good enough to travel and will be heading out to spend some time with her sister soon.

In other misadventures I got pulled over last night because I had forgotten to renew my car's registration... well I keep forgetting to renew it. I'd gotten two warnings from John Q Law already so there is no one to blame but myself on that one. I just kept getting sidetracked and forgetting. 

 Why is it I only remember I forgot these things when there is a police car in my line of sight? 

Ah well, 

 I am still cringing at the thought of next week's paycheck, I have tried to make up for days I was out with no sick or vacation time by working some OT but just in case I'd like to ask if you can help me deal with a few stray hospital bills (I owe the ER around $400) and keep gas in the car. 

But if you can't that is also totally cool. You folks have done so much for us already. 

Ness says 'Hi' BTW.

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