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(Recommended Reads) 'Broken Mirror, Broken Family' by ghostlamp

When I was twelve years old, I remember looking through the window of my friend's house night after night, watching her family go about their business. Mary's mother always made food that looked perfect, her father had a tendency to smoke a pipe while he read the daily news and my friend, well, she was perfect. I was always so jealous of her with her perfect blonde curls and perfectly pressed clothes. My life wasn't so perfect. My father was my idol as a child, he would do everything for me. My mother tended to get in the way of that. As I grew older, she grew more and more paranoid and tried to send me off to boarding school. I cried and clung to my father's leg, refusing to go. She tried everyhing she could to make me go away and after a while I decided that she must hate me. She started to become quiet and withdrawn, but I think the real breaking point for my mother was the day she and my father had gone to the store to get milk spontaneously in the middle of a hot afternoon...


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(Recommended Reads) 'The New Arrival' by Paris Franz

They all step forward, old hands and newbies alike, as the doors open and the ramp lowers. It's an understandable impulse, but Lindsay has learnt that crowding around at this stage of the operation is not a good idea and she waves the others back. Much better to stand back and let the mahout, a wiry wizard of a man, work his magic...


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The sublime Becca Whitaker has brought more of my characters to life.

Check out her take on Magwier, Zeth and Lorelei.





You can check out more of her work online

The Becca Shop


After watching this video I have decided to stop wearing underwear...

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First the trailer for the RAVEN, then the trailer for THE RAVEN


This movie looks pretty good I guess. it is kind of weird how 'author as an action hero in his own stories' is now kind of a genre isn't it? In 100 years will we see a cinematic Stephem King fighting vampire cars?

Of course no matter how good the movie is it will never be as good as THIS movie version of THE RAVEN.

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions): Route d'abbaye Track Six- I Want You (She's So Heavy)

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions)

Route d'abbaye

Track Six

I Want You (She's So Heavy)


Al Bruno III

The chase continued up one side of Route d'abbaye and back down the other. Jason Magwier always led them to the right place but never at the right time...


The building at 411 Route d'abbaye was long and squat, once it had been a school for the underprivileged but now the windows were bricked over and the fire exits had been welded shut. The only way in or out was through the heavily secured and well guarded main doors.

Now those doors were torn from their hinges and the guards were dead.

Zeth had looped a length of dirty rope around the long hilt of Maxwell’s silver hammer and slung it over one shoulder. He fidgeted and fussed with it as he spoke, “This is getting monotonous.”

“And terrifying,” Lorelei added as Magwier led them inside.

The former schoolhouse had been extensively remodeled, the walls leveled and an industrial sized kiln installed where the cafeteria had been. Rows of steel benches filled the rest of the work area, each one held an ugly-looking, half-completed idol.

Zeth asked, “What went on here?”

“This was a sweatshop of sorts,” Magwier grabbed up one of the statuettes and examined it. It was eight or nine inches tall and vaguely human shaped, with a head that looked like a bloated hand and arms that coiled like snakes, “They make bootleg religious icons.”

Lorelei took the idol from him and frowned at it, “They?”

“Children. Paid pennies a day,” Magwier took the statuette back from her, “and you can tell. This doesn’t look anything like him.”

For a few moments Lorelei tried to imagine what it would be like to spend hour after our in this sunless place- the roaring heat of the kiln, the endless monotony of the work, the joylessness of a desecrated childhood. It made her feel angry and helpless.

The sweatshop’s office was on the second floor but somehow the stairway had been reduced to splinters.

They stood there staring up at the doorway, it was almost five feet above them. Magwier looked around the room thoughtfully, then handed the ugly idol to Zeth. “Come on my dear,” he held his arms out, “I’ll give you a boost.”

Lorelei groaned with exasperation, “One of these days we have got to invest in a rope ladder.” Once she was up she scrambled into the office on all fours, “I see a body!”

“I want you-” Magwier called after her and then suddenly paused. He rubbed his shoulder and whispered conspiratorially to Zeth, “...she's so heavy.”

“What was that?” Lorelei shouted down.

“I said I want you to catch this!” Magwier shouted back.

The idol flew up into her hands. Then Zeth half-boosted, half-threw Magwier up through the doorway. Magwier barely had time to get out of the way before the tall black man leapt up through the doorway and landed with catlike grace. He shifted the hammer slung over his shoulder back into place.

The office itself was cramped and opulent with fine paintings and a mahogany desk with gold trim. There were exotic plants in each corner of the room and a walk in humidor with an airtight sealed glass door. In the middle of it was the body, lying there unmarked and serene with its hands folded over its chest, “He looks so peaceful,” Lorelei observed. This was one of the Lunts all right, there was no mistaking those features so regal yet so inbred, “He looks like he died in his sleep.

“We sure he didn't?” Zeth asked.

Magwier had the statuette again, he was tossing it from one hand to the other, “Blackwell Lunt must have submitted quietly. Dr. Flesh can be merciful so long as you don't make him exert himself.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

Lorelei snorted to herself and turned away, “So much for a dramatic rescue.”

If she hadn’t turned away she would never have seen the knot of shapes beginning to drop and slither down from the ceiling of the sweatshop’s main room.

“Jason!” she screamed.

As the shapes continued to bleed and ooze down onto the floor they realized that it wasn’t a group of attackers they were facing but a single gelatinous mass.

Now it was Zeth’s turn to shout, “Cream-colored Christ!”

It surged towards the office, making a sound like surf crashing against rocks. Shapes rose up and bubbled back down, rubbery arms and half finished faces churned in the seething mass. It swept up each of the tables before it and tore them to pieces then it began to rise up, moving towards the office in a wave.

Suddenly Magwier was in the doorway. “What is the meaning of this?” he bellowed, his voice louder than it should have been. It boomed, “Why aren’t you working?”

The thing froze in place with a shudder. Faces bubbled up like pustules, each one clouding with confusion.

Magwier held up the idol, “Look at this shoddy workmanship! You expect me to pay your families for garbage like this? I’ll see them out in the streets! I’ll see you all in chains!”

Lorelei and Zeth exchanged horrified glances. Magwier threw the statuette. It shattered. The shape splashed backwards splattering itself against the far wall and squealing with a dozen voices.

“You did it,” Zeth gasped. He hadn’t even realized he’d been holding his breath.

Lorelei asked, “What was that?”

“A little gift from Dr. Flesh,” Magwier narrowed his eyes.

Zeth said, “I thought you said he didn’t like to exert himself.”

“But what was it?” Lorelei asked again. She was shaking all over and hated herself for it.

“It was the children,” Magwier’s said, “what’s left of them anyway. Now we’ve got about 45 seconds before it realizes its been tricked. To the humidor!”

It roared.

They ran.

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The trailer for BRAVE looks epic level awesome!

DEN OF GEEK helps prove my theory that redheads are nothing but trouble...


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD to direct Depp's NIGHT STALKER movie!


With the Tim Burton-directed Dark Shadows being released in May Johnny Depp is currently preparing to dive back into the world of cinematic adaptations of 1970′s cult horror television. The Oscar-nominated star of Ed Wood, Donnie Brasco, and the Pirates of the Caribbean series has signed on to star in The Night Stalker, a film based on the early 70′s series Kolchak: The Night Stalker for Disney. Even more interesting is that the movie will be directed by none other than Edgar Wright, the British television and movie writer/director whose impressive resume boasts such titles as Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

A writer has not been chosen yet, but Wright will oversee the script’s development alongside Depp and his producing partner Christi Dembrowski. Depp has desired to make a film version of The Night Stalker since first setting the project up at Disney last summer. The studio will be pushing Wright and company to tone down the movie’s potentially horrific content with the intention of getting a PG-13 rating....

People can diss the TV series all they want when I heard these opening credits I was the happiest seven year old in the world...

Let's all puke with joy at the trailer for BORDERLANDS 2

I am not a big online player but I loved the first one.


Thanks to DEN OF GEEK


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Want to see two pieces of sushi having sex? Then the trailer for DEAD SUSHI will make your day.

TWITCH you are a delight.


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How about a musical interlude with Death Cab For Cutie? SING IT boys!

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When I heard there was a cat-fight video on TOPLESS ROBOT I never suspected...



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A quick note to my readers out there...

...I know I don't usuallty answer your comments but that doesn't mean I don't cherish them.


It's just that when I get a complement a lot of the times I don't know what say.


Thanks for letting me share my stories (and occasional perversion) with you!

I am relieved to note that I didn't see any of my relatives in the trailer for INBRED




The first publicity photo for the new season of DOCTOR WHO


These guys have been one of the best TARDIS crews ever.

THE COLD INSIDE (a serial novel) Chapter Eight part two


Chapter Eight

part two


Tuesday November 8, 1994

Unfortunately the Booby Hatch wasn’t open, it wouldn’t open until six p.m. That left Tristam with nothing but rainy skies and frustration. He flew through the clouds, making patterns in the air. He wanted to pay a visit to Monique’s house but he was afraid of what he might see.

He wondered how Warren could stand being tormented every day of his life. Was he used to it now? Then again maybe he was just in denial. That certainly would explain his hopes for Solana.

When you got right down to it the Magnificent Seven all had their little talismans didn’t they? Warren had his Venezuelan beauty. Drew had her computers. Rich had his devotion for the works of Michael Moorcock. Yusuf had the twin passions for his religion and Star Trek- he knew the sacred text for both subjects inside and out. Adelphos wanted to be the protector of his friends, half the times he got detention it was because he was trying to shield someone from abuse. Greg was the most pitiful of all; he was still carrying a torch for his first love Iris Tillman and she had been dead for years.

Am I any better? Obsessed with Monique to the point where I’m chasing her down the hallways?

Descending slowly and dreamily he passed through the walls of an apartment and watched a family having dinner. They were a young married couple and a toddler in a high chair. The toddler was coated with Spagettios, they slicked his fingers and his clothes, they dripped from his chin. There was a radio playing classic rock on the windowsill. Drifting around the room Tristam realized that by the time he was this age his parents had already split up. They were married barely eighteen months before his Mom kicked his Dad to the curb. He had never known a moment like this. Hell, all he knew of his father was rushed visits and Sunday afternoons in restaurants.

The toddler was cawing in his chair, laughing hysterically and pointing.

Waitaminute. Tristam froze, Is he pointing at me?

The toddler stopped gesturing and babbling long enough to knock his dinner plate to the floor, sauce and noodles splattered everywhere. Tristam watched the child stare at him as his parents scrambled to clean up the mess. He waved and the toddler squealed with laughter.

He does see me! But they can’t? How is that possible?

The toddler’s attention suddenly flicked from Tristam to something behind him. Tristam spun around but all he saw was his shadow.

A sharp cry made Tristam turn back around, he saw that the little boy had a lock of his mother’s hair in his grimy hands. She pried away one hand only to have him grab another fistful. The mother called for help but the father was too busy laughing.

I have a shadow? Tristam’s mind ground to a halt, Since when do I have a shadow?

He spun in mid-air, passing through the dinner table. The gray shape was gone. All he saw now was faded wallpaper.

A shiver swept through him. Maybe I’d better do some homework. Low to the ground, he sped back to his body, occasionally casting uncertain glances behind him.

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5 Second Fiction Two Thousand and Fifty Six

The Norwegian stuntman's body was blown to pieces. As it splattered gorily onto the audience someone cried out “It's raining Sven!

5 Second Fiction Two Thousand and Fifty Five

Evil wizards turned the Muse into a chocolate Easter bunny. She soon recovered but the experience left her feeling hollow inside.

5 Second Fiction Two Thousand and Fifty Four

He got all the candy he wanted for Easter so naturally all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth.

5 Second Fiction Two Thousand and Fifty Three

Once again Abner Deggent told a woman soldier she was unfit for the manly art of combat and was beaten senseless for it.

YOG-BLOGSOTH brings some more mythos into our lives

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The Creep On The Borderlands part nine

Price Breaks and Heartaches

A journal of retail and failed romance

Chapter Nine

The Creep On The Borderlands

part nine

Ivanhoe Books Incorporated was a dark storefront between the mall’s church and its candy store. There was a small crowd milling before the store’s darkened entrance. Sometimes I wondered if any of these folks knew there was a library just a few miles up the road. Of course I was no better, I had tons of books, more than I thought I would ever get a chance to read. I kept buying new books anyway though hoping that a long and partially debilitating illness would leave me unable to do anything but work my way through the Book of Swords trilogy.

I hurried through the doorway that led into the labyrinth of hallways that ran behind and around the stores of Northway Mall. For a moment I stood in front of the back door of the book store trying to find the keys I had been entrusted with. What if I had left them home? The store keys were in my jacket pocket instead of my pants pocket. I got into the back room, flicked on the lights, set up the cash register and got the store open as fast as I could.

The small crowd of customers grumbled as I let them in. Many asking what the big idea was, I apologized, explaining I had overslept ,but decided not to mention my dream of a hot redhead in a chainmail bustier. Though I suppose it might have as a mitigating circumstance to some folks.

A good number of customers got their copies of the daily paper and shuffled right back out into the mall again. A few retirees and teenagers made their way into the interior of the store. All the employees of Ivanhoe Books Incorporated knew that old folks and teenagers stole from us like crazy. It was some kind of circle of life thing but with the new generation stealing heavy metal magazines and comic books and the old generation trying to stuff crossword puzzle collections and romance novels down their shirts.

On a normal day one employee would wander the aisles while the other ran the register. There was nothing like a friendly “May I help you?” to scare off someone with sticky fingers.

But today I was working solo until One PM so people could be walking out with the Stephen King displays and I would be too busy to notice. With one part of my brain I was ringing up the never ending line of sales, with another I was answering customer questions, with another I was suppressing the slowly building urge to pee.

“Excuse me fellow,” one of the customers asked me. He was a one of our regulars and particularly notable for the black beret he wore and the way he seemed to stare intently at your right earlobe as he spoke to you. “Where are the new Mac Bolan novels?”

In case you don’t know Mac Bolan novels are a long-running series of mens adventure novels. And in case you didn’t know what a mens adventure novel is, they’re like Harlequin romance novels for guys except that instead of ending in passionate embraces they usually ended with large amounts of property damage and gunfire.

I finished counting back a paying customer’s change before I answered Mr. Beret, “I don’t think they’ve been unpacked yet.”

“They’re supposed to be on the shelves by Friday. Today’s Sunday.”

“I’m sorry about that,” I tried to sound apologetic but ended up just yawing instead, “we will make them available as soon as possible.”

He asked “Can you go get them out of the back room for me?”

“Not right now unfortunately, I’m the only one here right now,” I explained as I cashed out the next customer in line. Only later would I realize I had just sold a thirteen year old boy the latest volume of Playboy’s College Girls. I hope he remembered to hydrate himself in between bouts of whacking off.When my co-workers get here in about an hour I will make sure to find them and set them aside for you.”

“My time is valuable,” the Beret-wearing customer’s face became a grimace. He pointed disdainfully at the next person in line, “You think I am going to wait around for two hours while you sell copies of The Satanic Bible to the holi polloi?”

“It’s for a friend!” my first grade teacher said before leaving in a huff.

“I am sorry sir but there is nothing else I can do right now,” I insisted.

That wasn’t good enough for Mr. Beret. If looks could kill my earlobe would have been a dead man. He said to me, “Then where is your manager?”

“Not here that’s for darn sure.”

A voice to my right startled me, “Oh really?”

It was the manager of the Northway Mall branch of Ivanhoe Books Incorporated. My face became a terrified smile, “Karla. How good to see you. And on your day off. I guess that is why you make the big bucks.”

“Give me one reason,” she said, “one reason why I shouldn’t fire you.”

A hush fell over the line of customers. My face felt as hot and as my bladder felt full. I cleared my throat before I spoke, “Because there will be no one left to work next Sunday morning?”

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The newest edition of MIN/max is ready for you. But are you ready for it?

Without i09 I might never have known that hot chicks love dinosaurs!

from i09

In addition to working on such such saurian film and television projects as Carnosaurand Dino-Riders, dinosaur aficionado Don Glut has amassed a huge collection of fossils and extinct reptile memorabilia over the years.

His house evolved into an impromptu museum for all sorts of dinosaur collectibles. And to showcase these items, Glut recruited a small army of befuddled bikini models to pose with his prehistoric paraphernalia. The resulting photos are downright Lynchian...