Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lawyers, Gugs and Money

Listen up, I'm 48 years old. I was a Batman fan way before it was cool.

by Dustin Nguyen

Mummy Trap


Serious shit

My money's on the guy in black...

Something cute...

Classic Devo video or Classic Doctor Who episode? It doesn't matter THE EFFECTS BUDGET WAS THE SAME!

Friday, March 11, 2016

I try to sleep they're wide awake they won't let me alone They don't get paid to take vacations or let me alone They spy on me I try to hide they won't let me alone They persecute me they're the judge and jury all in one...

Good Lord! I still have 972 pictures on my hard drive!

I hope this doesn't ruin my eyesight...

Great song. Classic video. Questionable mascara.


Tears of a clown

Something yellow

It's getting hot in here...

(Recommended Hotness) And now a moment of beauty XLII

Leanna Decker

Angel of the Mourning

Nakedly artistic or artistically naked?

I have always enjoyed Duane Bryers' 'Hilda' series of pictures

She reminds me of my wife a LOT!

Yes I am a very lucky guy.

Something angelic

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Something Limber

Sick of all these posts yet?

I think I am on a roll!

Non-Euclidean Day Care

Two fetishes in one post!


the princess

I can’t tell if this is hot or weird…

LAST OF THE TITANS a Seventh Doctor story

Have you heard Laura Carbone? You should!


One of my friends was the victim of a hit and run driver and needs your help!

"Hey Everyone… So as many of you know this has been a rough few months for me, but things have gotten worse. On the 4th of this month I was the victim of a hit and run. I was crossing a major street (walking) and was hit by a car. It took off. I wound up with a broken tailbone and a concussion and a crapload of medical expense. I am in an intense amount of pain. Currently I need funds for medicine, medical equipment, doctors appointments, etc. I have no insurance and until we find the guy who did this I’m kind of on my own… so I am asking for your help. Please donate if you can. Every little bit helps!" - See more at:

Amanda Palmer's latest - MACHETTE (Danny Trejo sold separately)

The latest CIVIL WAR trailer plays with every action figure in the box!

Doctor Who? Dr. Who?


Bret M. Herholz

Something Lovecraftian

(Recommended Hotness) And now a moment of beauty XXXIV



Mayrin Villanueva
Mayrin Villanueva

Something Red

Meanwhile on Traken...


by gotic plague

The Valeyard is about to get his ass kicked...


Bret M. Herholz

I'm not crazy you are. I'm not crazy you are.