Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wanna touch the lama?

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The results are in! Who would win in a race Superman or the Flash?

My poll question was simple- the Flash vs Superman. Who's faster?


Here are the results;


12% said it would be a tie score every time.


13% said it would be Superman.


but the clear victor with 74% was that scarlet speedster the Flash!


Thanks to everyone that voted!

(Insane News) Meet the glassfrog, the frog with a transparent underbelly


The cloud forests of South America are home to some of Earth's most extraordinary creatures, but few are as intriguing as the glassfrog. Seen from above, most glassfrog species looks pretty nondescript, but a glimpse of their underbelly reveals a fascinating anatomical anomaly: translucent abdominal skin. From underneath, a glassfrog's heart, liver, and various other internal organs are completely visible.

Why would an animal evolve such a trait? We spoke with an expert to find out...


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BUZZFEED shows us "15 Of The World's Messiest Cars"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(Recommended Reads) ‘Demons To Some, Angels To Others’: Celebrating 25 Years of Hellraiser by Keri O’Shea


How to sum up the importance of a film like Hellraiser? I have much to say on that score, yet I must have started writing the introduction to this piece ten times before deleting it all. I started by trying to sum up what a game-changing film Hellraiser was, coming as it did during a decade which generally seemed happier adding camp humour aplenty to its horror, and then I tried to explain how the film brought monsters – genuinely terrifying monsters – back to our screens. All of the above is true, certainly. But the thing I kept coming back to, as much as I really do feel that Hellraiser revolutionised the genre, and really did make monsters scary again, was my personal response to this movie. Hey, it almost goes without saying; it’s a common theme for all of us who have been writing these retrospectives over the past year, and why I was so keen to be the staff writer to pen this one. So, here’s how I’m going to sum up the importance of Hellraiser, at least for now:

Hellraiser changed my life...

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Another preview of ARROW... and some other related materials...

And now white people dancing. SUDDENLY WHITE PEOPLE DANCING EVERYWHERE!!!!!!