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Wanna touch the lama?

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Recommended Double Feature: HELLRAISER II and PHANTASM II

Not just two sequels but two sequels that wildly expand the mythologies created by the originals. They may lack the atmosphere of the originals but damn they’re a lot of fun. They leave you wanting more, more that the subsequent sequels never truly delivered on.
As per IMDB the plot of HELLRAISER II “Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again.”
And here is the trailer. One of my favorite horror film trailers really.
Thoughts: This is, if you’ll pardon the pun, one Hell of a ride. It has a sense of dark wonder to it, it more than anything else inspired the HELLRAISER comics and several sessions of my WORLD OF DARKNESS role playing game. Cenobites vs Vampires? Damn right I went there.
The returning cast do a terrific job with their roles, Kirsty is hardened and desperate by her experiences, Julia has become a monster in her own right, Pinhead owns every scene he’s until his admittedly disappointing demise. I mean come on, he’s down in one shot. One shot! We see the Hell of the Cenobites and their Lord Leviathan, interestingly on the surface it is all very geometric until you reach the point where you can see each character’s personalized Hell.
I always found it a particularly chilling moment when Pinhead says of Kirsty’s father “But he is in his own Hell, child...” Think about that for a moment, what did poor luckless Larry do to deserve damnation? The world of HELLRAISER II is as hopeless as it is magical. What was it Julia said?
“They’ve changed the rules of the fairy tale...”

As per IMDB the plot of PHANTASM II “Mike, now released from a psychiatric hospital, continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work.”

And here is the trailer.

Thoughts: None of the installments of the PHANTASM truly disappoints, (at least not on the epic level of suckage the HELLRAISER series did) but none of the other PHANTASM movies would ever approach the scope of this one. The whole movie has a post-apocalyptic feel to it, Mike’s and Reggie’s families are mercilessly killed and from then on our heroes are chasing after the Tall Man through an increasingly desolate landscape, there are emptied cities and empty graves. As far as this film is concerned the bad guys have won.
The new guy playing Mike does a great job and Reggie gets to unleash his inner action hero. (See? Us baldies can be badass!) The new characters are fun, if typical survival horror archetypes. The new villains/minions are a fun bunch of creations but the Tall Man and his balls are the real stars of the show. This is a real movie villain and one of my favorites. And unlike Pinhead he doesn’t get humiliated in his final moments. I haven’t watched this movie as many times as the original but I’ve definitely seen it more times than ROBOT NINJA or THE ENGLISH PATIENT.

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Are you going to catch ZOMBIE FEVER?

The kittens are flying. The kittens are flying? OH SWEET LORD THE KITTENS ARE FLYING!



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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh MAMA... Check out this trailer!


You know this reminds me of a song. How about we listen to the creepiest Genesis song ever?

Creepy kids everywhere! It's the trailer for CITADEL...

Is Leatherface the James Bond of horror movies? Check out the new guy in TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.

From Bleeding Cool



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I have no idea what the creator of LOVECRAFT'S SECRET ARCHIVES is smoking but they better not stop.

Once again the ugly underbelly of DOCTOR WHO fandom ruins everything!

I'l let LIFE, DOCTOR WHO AND COMBOM explain what happened.



Shortly after Moffat tweeted this:
“Forgive my ignorance – is there a way to limit who can follow you or Tweet you?”
His twitter account disappeared and the account was turned off.
After all this happened fans tweeted his wife with questions and concerns. Moffat’s wife, Sue Vertue, posted the following:.
“For all asking @steven_moffat is well and currently having a family lunch but he’s got a huge amount on and twitter was proving a distraction.”



Rumours and reports are saying he left after being picked on and abused on twitter, which is wrong on so many levels, if true. Fans, like myself, love Moffat's tweets and tidbits about his life and hints on the shows, like Doctor Who, that he would give us. I hope that one day he will return to twitter and the people annoying him and abusing this awesome chance to connect with the man behind Doctor Who will stop...
Here we go again, the same kind of people that ruined rec.arts.drwho and triggered the shut down of Outpost Gallifrey have struck again. The majority of DOCTOR WHO are the coolest most talented bunch of fans I have ever met- Hell it's the fans that brought the show back! But there is this group of people who seem to get off on insulting the creative people behind the show, audios and books. Where the Hell do they come from? What is their fucking problem? Have the even been paying attention to the values of the show they claim to be fans of?
I find it so damn frustrating. 
Steven Moffat, if by some strange miracle you happen to be reading this let me just say that your work is awesome, it is worthy of praise and respect. I hope you doin't let the ming mongs of the world get you down.
And if you are one of the people that was got their kicks by being abusive?
And here is something cool and awesome at least. A fan named Sara is posted this on her blog;
...I thought it would be nice if we got together as a fandom to do something nice for them. This isn’t about your personal opinion of Steven Moffat and his writing - love him or hate him, it doesn’t matter. This is about showing these people that we, as a fandom, are above bullying and sending death threats...
But hurry because you only have until September 16th.
See? I told you DOCTOR WHO fans are the coolest.

My art gallery has been updated, let's see what we got!




by Jorge Prieto



by Chris Scheetz

by Chris Scheetz

by Chris Scheetz

by Francis James Hogan



by George Vasilakos


by George Vasilakos


by Rebecca Whitaker

by Wayne Anderson

by Wayne Anderson

by Rebecca Whitaker

by Francis James Hogan

by Chris Scheetz


by Ryan Dunlavey


by Jorge Prieto

by Chris Scheetz

by Rebecca Whitaker


by Rebecca Jones

by Chris Scheetz

by Wayne Anderson


Another amazing outfit from PLAID STALLIONS!

Only Thom Yorke of Radiohead can save us from the Robots!

From Bleeding cool



pretty funny... but now lets have the real thing!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Recommended Artist) A plug and a heartfelt thank you to digital artist Mike Leonard aka ~MADMANMIKE





Aside from being a friend of mine Mike is a published artist that does great work and does it frighteningly quickly. He's a published artist and his rates are very reasonable.


Why not stop by his Deviant Art page, check out his work and maybe see what he can do for you.


Oh... and check out the one he did for me. This is Brian Foster The Night Blogger, a character I have been obsessing over these days.


(Recommended Store) Zombie Planet - where I used to run games and cause trouble...

Capital District's largest hobby, comic and gaming entertainment store! We now carry comic books and graphic novels on the second floor! Stop by and check them out! New gaming product and restocks arrives Wednesday and Friday! New comics every Wednesday! New GW releases and restocks every Friday!

George Vasilakos, the owner of Zombie Planet actually did some of the artwork for this site.

This is their website. There are many like it but this one is theirs!

This is their Facebook page. They want to get over 2,000 Likes so why not give them one? Vote early and vote often!

Twenty years later and I still love 'Hormonally Yours' by Shakespears Sister. SING IT girls!

the offical website

And now the giant head of Klaus Kinski...

The trailer for THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SPIDERS by David Wong

From i09


This is the sequel to JOHN DIES AT THE END- which was an awesome book.

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The results are in! Who would win in a race Superman or the Flash?

My poll question was simple- the Flash vs Superman. Who's faster?


Here are the results;


12% said it would be a tie score every time.


13% said it would be Superman.


but the clear victor with 74% was that scarlet speedster the Flash!


Thanks to everyone that voted!

(Insane News) Meet the glassfrog, the frog with a transparent underbelly


The cloud forests of South America are home to some of Earth's most extraordinary creatures, but few are as intriguing as the glassfrog. Seen from above, most glassfrog species looks pretty nondescript, but a glimpse of their underbelly reveals a fascinating anatomical anomaly: translucent abdominal skin. From underneath, a glassfrog's heart, liver, and various other internal organs are completely visible.

Why would an animal evolve such a trait? We spoke with an expert to find out...


for more visit i09

BUZZFEED shows us "15 Of The World's Messiest Cars"