Thursday, February 14, 2013

The more things change the more they stay the same... unless they're different.

I am sure that you have notices some changes taking place here. "What does it all mean?" you may wonder. Well a couple of things really. First off I thought this background might be a little more appropriate for what goes on here. Well it was either this or pictures of girls with big asses. I have also decided to try and start generating some revenue with my little blog here so you will start seeing advertisements for whatever Google thinks you might want, hope you don't find that too off putting.

Now the big change is that I am slowly going to start making some of the many, stories on here available in ebook format only. Yes I plan to charge for them but I don't plan to price them at more that a dollar or so. I figure that is high enough to make me feel like I'm doing something with my life and low enough that you won't get pissed off at all the typos. I promise that THE RPG.NET RANTS will always be on this website and the ebook editions of it will always be free.

The first of my works available in ebook format only will be PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES VOLUME ONE.

available in Ebook Format for 99 Cents.

My donation button is still here as well, all donations are used to support my writing in one way or another.

And just to get really crazy I have placed a link to my Amazon Wishlist here as well. Hell you never know right?

Thank you for visiting and reading and if you have any comments or suggestions drop me a line.

In bed with Amanda Palmer? HELL YEAH!

Oh wait, it's just the video for The Bed Song- which is an awesome song!