Friday, January 24, 2014

More of Michael Bukowski's Nyarlathotep hoedown!


I am sorry that there is so little fiction coming from me right now...

My productivity has dwindled a lot so far this year and I apologize to you all out there for ir, my wife has been having some kind of crazy seizures recently that the doctors have yet to pinpoint the cause for.

They're making her wear this crazy EKG thing today, check it out...

Since she is out of work for now I am doing double shifts like crazy to keep up with the billsand my brain is pretty much clobbered right now. It doesn't take much energy to post pictures of scantily clad women, movie trailers and assorted geekery, the adventures of the Night Blogger take a little bit more.

Hopefully things will calm down around here soon and I will be able to get back to stalking the night.

Thanks for stick with me folks!

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