Saturday, December 15, 2012


How do you know when it's love?

Is it that first surreptitious glance across the room, eyes meeting over swirls of cigarette smoke and strains of Wagner thumping in your ears? Is it those first furtive, fleshy fumblings in the alley behind the bar, all hands and lips and straps with complicated fasteners? Or does it come later, reclining comfortably on the couch in a shared apartment, sharing a bottle of wine and your last cigarette as you wait patiently for the next episode of Cupcake Wars to roll?

It's a mystery, parishioners.

But even though I can't say exactly when or how it happens, I know that love is real. I know because I've found it, a love that asks for nothing and gives everything. I've found it in
Riccardo Ghione's 1973 hippie-abducting, mad science-spouting, blood-bottling, ultra-groovy mad movie bonanza, The Red-Stained Lawn (Il Prato Macchiato di Rosso).

Let me tell you a little something about that girl o'mine....


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PLAID STALLIONS 'Top Ten Coolest Action Figure Lines Of The 70's' gets it just about right.

Except that THE MICRONAUTS will always be number one for me!

Micronauts were actually created much earlier in the decade as "Microman" in Japan by a company called Takara but Mego brought them to North America and created one of the biggest brands of the 1970s. Not only were they fun toys that sparked our imagination but Marvel comics wrote one of the best tie in comics ever created to go along side of it. Oh and if you're a fan of Transformers? That's an offshoot of Microman, so it really is an iconic and important toy line...


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey fellow horror fans... why not visit SHARED SHITLESS?

No not Scared Shirtless... Scared Shitless.

What is Scared Shitless you may wonder?

/r/scaredshitless is a community for horror fans on reddit.

What is reddit you may ask?

reddit is 'the Front Page of the Internet'' but in a way it is kind of alike a social networking site, in another way it is kind of like what the Usenet used to be.

if you've used reddit before or are new to the whole thing why not stop by and look around?