Friday, October 23, 2015

I still don't have enough to get my laptop back from the pawn shop. Can you help?

We were doing so well this year too. Being broke is expensive!

OBVIOUS PLANT goes to the library! Well the front of the library anyway...


FLASHBAK examines butts. Album cover butts that is.

What was with the massive amounts of album covers featuring butts in the 1970s (and early 80s)? Call me crazy, but I’d say it’s the most repeated theme of all time. There were plenty of musicians that tried to be artistic, but not every artist had the creative juice to create a Sgt. Pepper. Mostly, records just featured a blah picture of the band, or some cheesecake…. and when they opted for cheesecake (which was pretty damn often), it defaulted to butts. I could show you thousands of examples, but that would be a booty overload. Instead, I’ve lovingly handpicked a selection for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

The lights are still on, my daughter is still doing great and all I need to do now is rescue my laptop from the pawn shop!

I am a LOT less down in the dumps than I was earlier this week and you folks are a big part of that.

And don't worry I am writing those Binder of Shame installments in pencil and paper so we can stay on schedule.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

This Halloween I'll be staying home too...


I may be hard to reach for the next week or so...

We were up against the clock, it would have been lights out at 5 PM so I pawned my laptop.

This means that my postings, replies and emails may be a little slow but if you are trying to get in touch with me I will get in touch with you. I have alternate methods of online action just not full access to and my laptop has all my stories and works in progress.

Thanks for reading and sharing my ups and downs with me.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medical bills and other disasters (again)

I hate to do this again but my daughter was hospitalized last week and now as a result we are coming up short for pretty much everything. The long and short of it is that even with pawning every piece of electronics we own (aside from this computer) we are still $130 short of keeping the power on.

If there is ANYTHING you can do to help I really need it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ORANGE JUICE: Serious Business



(Recommended Reads) MALUS DOMESTICA by S. A. Hunt

From the award-winning author of the Outlaw King series comes another harrowing adventure in the grand tradition of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Charlaine Harris.

Robin Martine has come a long way.

She's not your usual college-age girl. More often than not, Robin's washing a load of gory clothes at the laundromat, or down at the lake throwing hatchets at pumpkins. She lives in an old van, collects swords, and dyes her mohawk blue.

Also, she kills witches for a living on YouTube.

You see, Robin's life was turned upside down by those hideous banshees from Hell. She spent high-school in a psych ward, drugged out of her head for telling the cops her mother Annie was murdered with magic. Magic from a witch named Marilyn Cutty.

After a 3-year warpath across America, she's come home to end Cutty for good.

But she'll have to battle hog-monsters, a city full of raving maniacs, and a killer henchman called the "Serpent" if she wants to end the coven's reign over the town of Blackfield once and for all...

Monday, October 19, 2015

If you are old enough to the remember the time Judd Judd Hirsch played Dracula then you are one of my people...

Originally premiering on ABC, The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (AKA The Night Dracula Saved the World) is a 30-minute, Emmy Award-winning made for TV film that regularly aired on Disney Channel through the late 1990s. The film opens with Dracula watching a news report claiming that he, as in Dracula, has invited a number of his monster friends over to his castle for a conference the day before Halloween. According to an unnamed source, the purpose of this conference is the eradication of Halloween as we know it...