Friday, May 8, 2015

There is very little chance that SHARKTOPUS VS WEREWOLF will be an erotic thriller, but we can hope.


Are you ready for Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf? Well, you had better be because this latest fiasco will be coming at us sometime in July...

Apparently Gwen Stacy is taking over the whole damn Marvel Universe.

From Io9
Last month Marvel unveiled their Gwen Stacy variant cover theme, set to come in effect in June across twenty different comic covers. We’ve already seen Gwen become the Ingwenible Hulk, Gwenverine and Doctor Gwenge — but now MTV have revealed another batch of covers, including the glorious mashup above with Gwen taking on the role of every Avenger. Or, more accurately, the Avengers team from the MCU — Captain Agwenica, Iron Gwen, Ingwenible Hulk, Gweneye, Black Gwendow, Thor, Gwen of Thunder, and Gwenolas J. Fury. Oh god, the Gwen portmanteaus, they keep getting worse!

Would you have preferred Gwen be added to the MCU's Avengers?

Slow motion makes everything better - unless you're watching me jog in a thong...


Goddamn Ninjas...