Friday, August 14, 2015

(Recommended Reads) 'Uncle Bush's Live Funeral' by Scott Seeke

On the publicity tour for the 2010 film Get Low, the first question from the audience was always "What's the true story that inspired this film?" After more than a decade of research, Get Low writer Scott Seeke answers that question with Uncle Bush's Live Funeral. This book tells the incredible true story of Felix "Bush" Breazeale, a feared hermit who attracted ten thousand strangers to the funeral he held while still alive in 1938. Seeke had begun researching Get Low as an outsider, a New Yorker married into a skeptical East Tennessee family. By the time Get Low arrived in theaters ten years later, he had earned their trust. They opened doors that allowed him to finally learn why Bush had his funeral while he was still alive, and why so many people came. He found the moving story of a man trapped by his culture and past, desperate to rewrite his life's story before it was too late. Uncle Bush's Live Funeral shows that any outcast can find acceptance, and any label can be overcome, all masterfully told by Get Low writer Scott Seeke.

Another installment of THE WRONG HANDS


No one knows what it's like...

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Thursday, August 13, 2015



(Recommended Reads) Arcane Solutions (Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series Book 1) by Gayla Drummond

On New Year's Eve 2000, the stroke of midnight returned magic, both light and dark, to the world. Discordia Jones missed it. Struck down at that same instant like a cut-rate Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty mash up, she awakened three years later to a far stranger life, and saddled with psychic abilities. Working as a private investigator for Arcane Solutions only brings on more strangeness. At least there aren't talking mice...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights presents "Charlie" by Emil Terziev


The indie horror HEI'AN KILLS needs your help getting through post-production!


The supernatural revenge movie Hei’an Kills has completed principal photography and needs your help to finance post-production.

By the way, the revenge part actually refers to revenge on mankind. You see, over 100 years ago, Hei’an was sold by her abusive mother to a brothel, where she committed suicide. Then, in the present, a bunch of college students made the mistake of awakening her vengeful spirit; unsurprisingly, she isn’t happy.

It’s directed by Terry Spears, who co-wrote the screenplay with Christopher Warman, and stars Kenzie Leigh Spears as Sarah, Winnie Du as Hei’an, Calley Lumen as Kelsey, Rian Sanders as Josh, E.S. Koskie as Walter, Cindy Hanska as Dr. Schafer, and Rim Basma as Miss Charlotte.

They’re trying to raise $18,885 for post-production costs, which include enlisting the help of VFX legend Llyod Lee Barnett, but they can’t do it without fan support. Click here to help Hei’an exact her vengeance.