Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hey kids! Guess what time it is!

One of my favorite bands THE DARKEST OF THE HILLSIDE THICKETS needs your help to fiund their... oh wait. They did it already? IN FIVE DAYS? Damn...

Who cares? Give them your money anyway!
EIGHT YEARS IN THE MAKING the world's most extant Cthulhu-inspired rock band is ready to record another album!
In 1992 some nerds living in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, who were into H.P. Lovecraft's weird horror fiction and roleplaying games, decided to start a band. With no musical training but with a penchant for spine-tingling monster costumes, Toren Atkinson and Warren Banks began "writing" "music" and showcasing their unique brand of humor and horror in performances at local venues.

Human earthlings seemed to enjoy it.

There's rushing out of the house in a hurry...

Then there's rushing out of the house and not realizing your shirt is on inside out in a hurry.