Saturday, June 30, 2012

Famous Monsters says “Guardians of the Galaxy IS Next Marvel Studios Movie...


Turns out that the end credits scene from AVENGERS that features Thanos not only preps audiences for AVENGERS 2, but for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Thanos will be involved in the movie and the film will be a direct link to AVENGERS 2. Besides, “the script is incredible,” if you believe Da7e. All in all, any time a movie may feature a character named Rocket Raccoon (a fan favorite, nonetheless), it’s a risky and bold move. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY are pretty much unknowns to non-comic book readers, and it’s only until recently that the squad has come back into the lime light in comic book land. If Marvel wanted to expand its universe to the cosmos, Dr. Strange would’ve made more sense. But then again, the Guardians have more history with Thanos, and the (financial) upside of introducing an entire new team is much higher than any one single superhero (a shame FOX owns the film rights to “Silver Surfer”). As the folks at Latino Review mention, I would be shocked if Nova wasn’t involved, since he’s one of the most notable cosmic characters that has a link to the Guardians...

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  1. I hear they're getting George Clooney to voice Rocket Raccoon.