Thursday, March 26, 2009

Same Stories BOLD NEW TITLE!!!!!

Well patient readers I have just posted the latest episode of Price Breaks And Heart Aches on my blog.

Now you may be asking yourselves "What the HELL is Price Breaks And Heart Aches?"

Well up until yesterday it was the series of well loved tales called Price Breaks And Heart Breaks but my good friend (and occasional mummy) Greg suggested a better title for the series and I ran with it.

As always if you enjoyed the latest chapter of this story or if you hated it or if you found 30 typos in the first paragraph alone let me know!

oh and PS, I had planned to post this on Friday but it was done and burning a hole in my metaphorical pocket so here we are...


  1. Sorry, I didn't realize you were trying to take advantage of the free proofreading and editing available on the Internet. I would've been assisting more. ;)

  2. Well why not? I take advantage of all the Free Porn!