Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crushing Disappointment News!: Well it looks like I won't be getting the DVD release of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN anytime soon after all

Ok color me heartbroken here but apparently the mouth breathing halfwits of Magnolia Pictures pulled the original subtitles and substituted some absolutely half-assed ones that hurt the experience of the film.

I want to thank the website ICONS OF FRIGHT for catching this before I parted with my hard earned cash. Seriously folks take a look at the screen caps on the page above and see that appallingly bad job that was done by this new 'translators'.

This is the most disappointing news I've had in a while. Why do horror films always get interfered with this way?

Once again the link to the screencaps and article is here.

I plan to add ICONS OF FRIGHT to my regular stops on the internet.

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