Saturday, July 7, 2012

(Insane News) Why don't you read this article about a woman passing 63 kidney stones over three days while I crawl under my desk and sob?





..."This is a big one," she said as she held one of the stones in the palm of her hand.

The one she held in her hand was too big for Calderon to pass, so she had to have it surgically removed at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. She said her largest kidney stone was eight millimeters big. 

But she said things got really bad last week when doctors had to remove a stint they were using to keep her passages open because it developed a blockage.

"He pulled the stint and it felt like I had five kids because, what he didn't know, is there were five calcified kidney stones that had formed to the stint," Calderon said.

And Calderon said removing the stint essentially opened the flood gates. By her count, she said she passed 63 stones over the next three days in the hospital.

"It's just one after another, after another, after another, and I was just holding on to my hospital chair like 'oh my gosh,'" she said.

It's hard to say if some of the stones she passed were broken pieces, or separate stones each, but the effect was obvious.

"There's nothing that compares to this, absolutely nothing, this is the most painful thing," Calderon said of her experience...


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