Monday, July 30, 2012

GLORIOUS TRASH reminds the Internet of the legend of Richard Blade!



I've read about this series for a while, but never bothered looking into it. It's pretty goofy, a long-running melding of the men's adventure genre with "heroic fantasy," all about a James Bond-type who, each volume, is sent via a high-tech computer into "Dimension X," where he tests himself in some quasi-Medieval, fantastical world, scoring with tons of scantily-clad babes along the way. In other words, it's full-on wish-fulfillment, about a modern dude flung into the primordial chaos of some Frank Frazetta-inspired paradise where good and evil are clearly delineated. And for all of that, it's not that bad, most likely because this volume (as well as the next seven) were written by Manning Lee Stokes, whose contributions to the John Eagle Expeditor series I've greatly enjoyed...

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