Monday, October 10, 2011

(Insane News) The Mystery Of The Unscheduled Enema


 ...As detailed in a Sonoma Police Department report, a 53-year-old man who is “visually impaired” called cops in early-May to report a bizarre encounter in his apartment. The man, whose name cops redacted from the report, said that an unknown female entered his home one Sunday afternoon and announced that she, “Needed to give him an enema.”

While the man “thought this to be somewhat strange,” he did not think the enema was “entirely out of the question as he had undergone surgery on his intestines recently and assumed it may have been ordered by his doctor even though he had not been notified.”

The woman guided the man into his bedroom, where she had him lie face down on the bed “with his pants pulled down. The female then gave [the man] what he presumed was an enema and immediately left.” The man told cops that he was “unsure and didn’t want to do it,” but that things “happened so fast he did not have a chance to object.”

He described himself as “befuddled” by the events of May 1...


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