“You don’t have to believe the stories on my blog, you can dismiss them as good hallucinations or bad fiction if you want to but they’re all true. The darkness was never empty, there are things that wait for the innocent and unwary to turn their backs. What is it you think I’m talking about here? Ghosts? Vampires? Ghouls? If only it were that simple. The creatures of the night are still out there but they’re not shadowing your every footstep. They just check your status updates from the comfort of their tombs. 

All I ever wanted was to be a Do-It-Yourself style reporter but more often than I like I find myself becoming part of my stories. It turns out gods and monsters don’t like their secrets getting out any more than your standard politician or celebrity. We all know how this is going to turn out in the end; I’m already long overdue for jail, the looney bin or a guest of honor spot at a monster buffet but until that fateful day I’m not going to back down or give up. 

My name is Brian Foster and some people call me The Night Blogger. .."



Episode One 'The Graveyard Game'

Join The Night Blogger as he unravels the true story behind 'The Graveyard Game' in a spine-tingling tale of possession and the supernatural


Episode Two 'Whispers of the Red Night'

Unearthing the past could cost the Night Blogger more than his life as he uncovers the truth behind a string of gruesome murders.


Episode Three 'A Firesign Variation'

The Night Blogger investigates Albany's ghost bus and it could be his final destination.


Episode Four 'Shadow Of The Zombie'

Mixing meth and fantasy video games leads to the deadly reality of murder and magic.


Episode Five 'Digging In The Dirt'

The Night Blogger discovers the Graveyard Game isn’t over and there is a secret awaits Sara Bishop in Pinewood Cemetery.


Episode Six 'Direct Market Thing'

An undercover investigation into a multi-level marketing scheme uncovers chilling truths behind recent disappearances.


Episode Seven 'The Owls And The Lizards And The Big Broke Moon'

Unexpected visitors to Vincenzo’s pawnshop interrupt the Night Blogger's investigations and lead to a surprising declaration.


Episode Eight 'Dare To Grin'

The Night Blogger delves into the mind of a serial killer.