Monday, March 7, 2011

Is this a portrait of my inner child?

Will you be my mum? Spider monkey rejected by its mother clings to teddy (Article from THE DAILY MAIL)

This baby spider monkey clings on to the back of a stuffed version of herself, looking for familiar love and warmth, having been abandoned by her real mother when she was born.

Keepers at Melbourne Zoo in south-eastern Australia are working around the clock to look after tiny Estela, who was born on January 17.

Without maternal love and guidance, she has not had the opportunity to develop normally and carers, who fear for Estela's life, are even taking turns to sleep next to the fragile two-month-old so that she can be nursed back to strength after been traumatised...

Thanks to for bumming us all out...

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  1. Cutest picture on the Internetz. EVAR! (except maybe the piglet in red wellington boots... no, monkeys trump piglets every time!)