Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Christmas Stories Of Al Bruno III


Blood And Tinsel



"Sorry I'm late."

"It wasn't unexpected. Shall we initiate our offensive? The malefactors have already appeared on the scene."


"Our targets are in the shopping enclosure."

"Again, what?"

"The shopping enclosure."

"The mall?"


"Ok. USA. Mall. Teamed up with a stiff board to kill crazy bastards. Got it."

"Marvelous. Now, can we begin?"

"Sure. Just one thing."


"What was your name again?"...


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Acquainted With The Night


The cry still rung in his ears.



Alone in the half light, he stared down at the tiny form between his boots. Its mouth was frozen in mid hiss, its almond shaped eyes were cold and accusing. Raindrops matted its sleek, black fur; its front paws were stretched out, the muscles locked in mid rake. Somewhere, a few blocks away, a band began to play the pounding of drums and blare of trumpets counter-pointing the incessant rhythm of the rainstorm.



He thought again of the sound that had brought him here – so terrified, so human.



Flicking wet hair from his face, he knelt. Bad enough the poor thing had to die here among garbage; he would make certain that it was not disposed of as garbage. He tried to take the tiny corpse in his hands but the kitten crumbled into nothing at a touch...


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Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Fight


Some superheroes patrolled the River city by leaping from rooftop to snowy rooftop, others flew and some just sat by a police scanner and waited; Captain Hero kept River City safe from behind the wheel of his specially modified taxicab. The red and white taxi made its way through the snowy streets, its headlights glinting off the Christmas decorations that marked every lamppost and window front...


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