Sunday, June 20, 2010

What will the next #FridayFlash story be? YOU DECIDE!

That's right constant readers, you get to pick the story that goes up on June 25th 2010!

Vote via the comments. Whatever story gets the most requests wins!

The Nominees are...

1.) Bachelorette

The masked Hierophant slipped through the doorway of the stone chamber with the silence and familiarity...

2.) Mint Condition

Everyone said this was no city for heroes that it was a city of lost opportunities and broken promises...

3.) Island of the Toroga

The decade after the second world war was a period of unlimited prosperity...


Breaking The Girl

She stirred groggily; her head was aching, she was tied to a chair, lengths of soggy rope bit into her wrists and ankles...

Which one will we see? The choice is yours...


  1. I vote #3 - Island of Toroga - it sounds very tropical! :-)

  2. #4... I am jealous (I hate you) that you have so many written and ready to go. I always write last minute.


    PS. I don't REALLY hate you

  3. oh, I vote for #4: the girl tied to the chair! Cuz I know she's got some bad ass move to get herself out, right? :-)

  4. #1 -- because of the word Hierophant - which interested me so much that I looked it up! Yay for expanding one's vocabulary. Plus, I want to know if s/he is a tomb robber or what? All of these sound interesting though! :D

  5. I like the sound of #2, but #4 sounds interesting too - both sound like my type of stories. Looking forward to whicever gets posted :)